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Table 1.
Comparison of the University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS) results and the Niwot Ridge, Colorado (NWT) Soddie site results

N/A, not applicable; N/R, not reported

aLiptzin et al. (2009) 

bSeok et al. (2009) 

cNave (2011) 

dHood et al. (2003) 

eDerived by subtracting the total NPP with belowground and fine root NPP (Nave et al., 2009)

fAssuming no loss or gain from internal transformation or from dry deposition. National Atmospheric Deposition Program data (MI09 site for winter 2007)

gWilliams et al. (2009a) 

hHelmig et al. (2009) 

*Above snow flux determined using the Eddy covar. method

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