Table 2.
Comparisons of OH radical reactivitya expressed in units of [s-1]

a Rtot = RCH4 + RCO + RNO2 + RsumVOC = kOH+CH4 [CH4] + kOH+CO [CO] + kOH+NO2 [NO2] + ∑ (kOH+VOC [VOC]); may not match sum of individual contributions due to skewness.

b Data from Table 1 in Gilman et al. (2009).

c Wind directions limited to 60–140 degrees, all times of year.

d Only summer (DOY 120–270, May through September) in addition to wind direction limitation.

e Methane was assumed to be constant at 2000 ppb, and carbon monoxide was made to vary smoothly between 100 (winter maximum) and 60 ppb (summer minimum), at the Floresville site.

f Number in parentheses reflects reactivity excluding oxygenated VOCs.

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