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Table 2.
Different types of land uses and capoeiras in the northern region by technological trajectory, 1995 (ha)a

aSource: IBGE - Agricultural Census: All states of the northern region, 1995. Tabulated by the author.

bUsing relationship (8) with the following restrictions: a) if Acr > Ac then Acr = Ac; b) if Acr < 0 than Acr = 0; c) considering p as total net income per unit of area applied to ranching and to temporary crops, including capoeiras for a fallow period of six years and utilization of annual crops in the same area for two years.

cUsing relationship (9) with the following restrictions: AcS> (Ac - Acr) then AcS= Ac - Acr.

dUsing relationship (10). All lands classified as used in the Census. This total is different from the property total that includes swamps and other unusable lands.

eThis enterprise trajectory based on annual crops (soybeans and corn) was not significant in 1995, hence it does not appear in Table 1. The 2006 Agricultural Census strongly indicated emergence of annual crops, so the model was calibrated to capture it.

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