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Current Issue
Volume 44,
Issue 2
May 2022
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Mala Rajo Sathian
This article examines public history in Deep South (Patani) 1 Thailand, where renewed political conflict since 2014 has rekindled memories of a traumatic past and created an environment for its commemoration. A private museum honoring Haji Sulong, a ...
Stephan Fender
In 2019, the vor—gänge museum opened its doors. The museum, in a squatted building in the Gängeviertel neighborhood of Hamburg, Germany, is the result of a four-year process involving student groups and collaborations with the public. This case ...
Lucy Noakes, James Wallis
Between 2014 and 2019, Great Britain and Northern Ireland undertook the largest public history project ever seen there. To mark the centenary of the First World War (1914–18) thousands of public arts projects, community histories, and acts of ...
Unai Belaustegi, Xabier Irujo
This case study discusses how Basque public memory of the Spanish Civil War (1936–39) and the subsequent dictatorship (1939–75) is built in part by public history associations. The authors have analyzed seventy-five associations and have drawn two ...
Adina Jocelyn Langer, Sandra Kollen Ghizoni
When undertaken with care and forethought, interdisciplinary research projects can push scholarly boundaries while strengthening bonds with community stakeholders. Through describing the origins, development, and preliminary takeaways from an ...

About the Journal

Since 1978, The Public Historian has made its mark as the definitive voice of the public history profession, providing historians with the latest scholarship and applications from the field.

The Public Historian publishes the results of scholarly research and case studies and addresses the broad substantive and theoretical issues in the field. Areas of public history covered in the journal include public policy and policy analysis; federal, state, and local history; historic preservation; oral history; museum and historical administration; documentation and information services; corporate biography; exhibition, interpretation, and public engagement, and public history education. In addition, the journal publishes reviews of exhibits, historical films, media productions, videos, and digital projects. Those interested in serving as a reviewer for the journal should submit a Reviewer Application and visit the Info for Reviewers page.

The Public Historian is sponsored by the National Council on Public History and the University of California, Santa Barbara with the support of Rutgers University–Camden.

ISSN: 0272-3433         eISSN: 1533-8576

Published Quarterly – February, May, August, November

Editor: Sarah Case, University of California, Santa Barbara 

Co-Editor: Nicole Belolan, Rutgers University-Camden

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