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Info for Reviewers

Reviews are an important feature of each issue of Studies in Late Antiquity. SLA assesses current publications and projects including print publications, physical and virtual exhibits, and digital projects. The journal reviews both work aimed at specialized audiences and projects that receive wide public attention. Our goal is to foster critical dialogue and to provide a forum for reflection on global late antiquity.  

Studies in Late Antiquity does not accept unsolicited reviews, but the editors do welcome suggestions for publications and projects to review. SLA has an energetic team of book review editors to manage this process. Please send suggestions to [email protected] to connect with the appropriate book review editor. Likewise, books for review must be sent to the appropriate book review editor. Please inquire with [email protected] before mailing.

Suggestions and questions concerning exhibitions may be emailed directly to our Exhibition Review Editor, Ann Marie Yasin ([email protected]).


Book Reviews
In our book review section, Studies in Late Antiquity assesses current publications by and of interest to scholars working on a range of topics pertaining to the world of late antiquity (ca. 150-750 CE). Reviewers should bear in mind the journal’s goals of fostering interdisciplinary approaches to global late antiquity, and showcasing comparative and methodologically innovative work pertaining to late antiquity and its reception. Our reviewers consider such questions as: How does the work add to the body of late antique scholarship? In what ways are the author’s sources, methods, analysis, and interpretations remarkable and especially instructive for scholars of late antiquity? Is the work valuable as a pedagogical tool?

Exhibition Reviews
The exhibition reviews section of Studies in Late Antiquity publishes timely scholarly responses to current exhibits of art, artifacts, and architectural material relating to the “long late antique” purview of the journal. Projects reviewed include exhibitions in large, national museums as well as in smaller venues and digital formats. Reviews of exhibitions for which a catalogue has been published or permanent digital content established will engage with both the ephemeral installation and the published work. Exhibition reviews are considered part of the scholarly record and are usually published after the close of the exhibition.


Book reviews must be headed with this information: author of the book, title, place of publication, publisher, date, number of pages, number of color and black-and-white illustrations, price, and ISBN. Exhibition reviews must be headed with the following information: exhibition title, museum name or exhibition venue(s), location (city and state or city and country), complete exhibition schedule dates; if an exhibition catalogue is also reviewed, please provide bibliographic information as for book reviews. The review author's name and institutional affiliation should appear at the bottom of the text.

All text, including book review headings, shall be double-spaced. Manuscripts should conform to the requirements laid out in the "Notes to Contributors of Articles."

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