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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 103,
Issue 4
Winter 2021

About the Journal

The Southern California Quarterly, the flagship publication of the Historical Society of Southern California, dating back to 1884, carries scholarly articles on various aspects of the history of Southern California, California as a whole, and the American West and its borderlands.

Founded on a commitment to building public awareness and appreciation of the historical development of one of the nation's most vital areas, the journal now also includes articles about Northern as well as Southern California, the West, Borderlands, and extends to transnational and global topics, as well. In recent decades, the Southern California Quarterly has included articles about racial justice, culture and society, the natural and built environments, politics, education and other subjects, from the Native American era to the present.

The journal offers interesting subject matter that appeals to both academics and a general audience through groundbreaking, peer-reviewed articles on a wide range of topics exhibiting sound research, illuminating illustrations, and thought-provoking perspectives.

ISSN: 0038-3929         eISSN: 2162-8637


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