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Current Issue
Volume 3,
Issue 1
Spring 2022
Recently Published
Asa Young
Rhythm deeply permeates the environment and is perceived by nearly all sensory modalities. There is a developing trend in cognitive science to look to neural rhythms at varying scales as the source of subjective experience. This approach, which ...
Carter Mathes
This commentary discusses the author’s relationships to certain musical sounds, and how those correspondences relate to several key themes examined in a selection of essays within this journal issue. The commentary closes with a brief reflection on ...
Jay Needham, MFA, Phylis West Johnson, PhD
James M. Kopf
In explaining his critical practice, Theodor Reik exhorted his fellow analysts to listen with their third ears. An attempt to discern the meaning of the “third ear” confronts us with a web of associations that point ineluctably to an attempt to ...
Jeffers Engelhardt, Kate Bancroft et al.
The sonic-social relationships of people singing together, chanting, or engaged in group vocality are underrepresented in voice, sound, and music studies. Work on the voice tends to focus on individual voices, despite the human commonplace of group ...

About the Journal

Resonance: The Journal of Sound and Culture is an interdisciplinary, international peer reviewed journal that features research and writing of scholars and artists working in fields typically considered to be the domain of sound art and sound studies. These fields may include traditional and new forms of radio, music, performance, installation, sound technologies, immersive realities, and studies-based disciplines such as musicology, philosophy, and cultural studies.  The scope extends to other disciplines such as ethnography, cultural geography, ecologies, media archaeology, digital humanities, audiology, communications, and architecture.  

eISSN: 2688-867X

Published:  Quarterly

Editors: Phylis West Johnson, San Jose State University, and Jay Needham, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 

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Call For Papers: Soundwork

Resonance calls for papers, commentaries, theories, and archival finding aids that examine the implementation of “soundwork” in historical and contemporary forms of media activism.

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