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Representations Special Issues and Forums (2001-present)

Special issues listed below are available for sale as single issues through the journal’s shop cart unless otherwise indicated. Please note: issues in the shop cart are identified by volume/issue number and publication date only.

Proxy Wars  (Vol 163, Summer 2023)

Anticolonialism as Theory (Vol 162, Spring 2023)

Proximities: Reading with Judith Butler (Vol 158, Spring 2022)

Media Climates (Vol 157, Summer 2022)

Music and Sound at the Edges of History (Vol 154, Spring 2021)

Practices of Devotion (Vol 153, Winter 2021)

The Social Life of Pain (Vol 146, Spring 2019)

Visual History: The past in Pictures (Vol 145, Winter 2019)

Special Forum: The Object as Ambassador: Exhibitions in Contemporary History (Vol 141, Winter 2018)

Fallacies (Vol 140, Fall 2017)

Language-In-Use and the Literary Artifact (Vol 137, Winter 2017)

Time Zones: Durational Art and Its Contexts (Vol 136, Fall 2016)

Description Across Disciplines (Vol 135, Summer 2016)

Images at Work (Vol. 133, Winter 2016)

Special Forum: Quirk Historicism (Vol. 132, Fall 2015)

Special Forum: Search (Vol. 127, Summer 2014)

Financialization and the Culture Industry (Vol. 126, Spring 2014)

Denotatively, Technically, Literally (Vol. 125, Spring 2014)

The Humanities and the Crisis of the Public University (Vol. 116, Fall 2011)

New World Slavery and the Matter of the Visual (Vol. 113, Winter 2011)

Special Forum: Fear Beyond the Disciplines (Vol. 110, Spring 2010)

Please note: the issues listed below are no longer available for purchase as single issues. 

The Way We Read Now (Vol. 108, Fall 2009)

Special Forum: Fifty Years of The King's Two Bodies (Vol. 106, Spring 2009)

Early Modern Secularism (Vol. 105, Winter 2009)

25th Anniversary Collection: On Form (Vol. 104, Fall 2008)

Remakes: In Honor of Carol J. Clover (Vol. 100, Fall 2007)

Forms of Asia (Vol. 99, Summer 2007)

Special Forum: Counterfactual Realities (Vol. 98, Spring 2007)

Mimesis East and West (Vol. 94, Spring 2006)

Redress (Vol. 92, Fall 2005) 

Music, Rhythm, Language (Vol. 86, Spring 2004)

In Memory of Michael Rogin (Vol. 84, Fall 2003)

Tribute to Paul Alpers (Vol. 81, Winter 2003)

Special Forum: Crimes, Lies, and Narratives (Vol. 80, Fall 2002)

Special Forum: Contentions of Age in Painting (Vol. 78, Spring 2002)

Philosophies in Time (Vol. 74, Spring 2001)

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