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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 166,
Issue 1
Spring 2024

About the Journal

Representations publishes sophisticated, highly readable essays on the workings of culture, both past and present. Long known for its innovative essays on art, intellectual and legal history, science and gender studies, theories of history, and literary phenomena such as authorship and national and ethnic canon formation. Representations' reach extends as well to such topics as the history of the emotions, national identity, new media, and the renewal of aesthetics in criticism.

ISSN: 0734-6018         eISSN: 1533-855X

Published Quarterly: February, May, August, November

Impact Factor: 0.9

Editorial Board Co-Chairs: Nicholas Mathew and Elisa Tamarkin


Most Read

Virtual Issue: Unfixing Gender Studies

In response to the Spring 2022 issue “Proximities: Reading with Judith Butler” we invite you to reflect on a set of essays published in Representations that resonates with some of Butler’s earliest and most well-known critical interventions in discourses around gender.

Special Issues

Explore special issues of Representations, including the Summer 2023 "Proxy Wars" issue guest edited by Yoon Sun Lee and Kent Puckett.

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