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Current Issue
Volume 91,
Issue 2
Spring 2022
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Daniel J. Burge
In the nineteenth century, writers such as James Fenimore Cooper and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote best-selling works that shaped popular perceptions of Native American men. Historians and literary scholars have argued that literary characters ...
Mark E. DeGiovanni Miller
This article details the successful campaign to decommission two hydroelectric plants and a dam on Fossil Creek in Arizona—a rare perennial stream in the Southwest. Beginning in 1991, American Rivers, the Sierra Club, and community service groups ...
Benjamin Bryce
This article examines the photography and writing of Cooper Robinson, who worked as a missionary in Japan between 1888 and 1925. Drawing from over 4,000 images, it analyzes how one missionary represented Japan, his religious project, and his ...
Daniel Immerwahr
In 1946, the United States freed its largest colony, the Philippines. This article examines the decision-making behind that and argues that the road to freedom was not straight. The 1934 law scheduling independence was motivated mainly by ...
Symbol Lai
In 1951, six years after the United States defeated Japan and commenced the Occupation of Okinawa, the U.S. Civil Administration of the Ryukyus (USCAR) issued an ordinance in support of agricultural cooperatives. Despite the appearance of altruism, ...

About the Journal

For over eighty years, Pacific Historical Review has accurately and adeptly covered the rich history of the American West and the peoples and cultures of the Pacific world, including Asia, Latin America, and beyond. The PHR is committed to the publication of work that explores cross-cultural and comparative studies, race and ethnicity, the history of empire and imperialism, environmental history, gender and sexuality, and other germane topics.

ISSN: 0030-8684         eISSN: 1533-8584

Published Quarterly: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Editor: Marc Rodriguez, Portland State University

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