This issue of NRBP highlights the breadth and depth of Black politics scholarship and methodological diversity generally. Each of the articles in this issue is important, and we hope that you cite these authors liberally.

The first article is a political theory article written by Desirée Melonas. Here, she uses the work of James Baldwin to challenge the theodicy of white supremacy and to rebuff critiques of Black protest that charge Blacks with losing their composure. What she proposes is a robust repudiation of the notion of unchallenged white perfection to center Black critiques of systemic racism and to justify Black anger. It is a provocative piece. I encourage everyone to read and cite it.

The next article, by Albert Samuels, weaves American political thought with American political development to examine the dismantling of voting rights in the United States. Samuels argues that the US Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby...

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