Sara Elhassan, author of “Revolution in Sudan: On the Verge of Civilian Rule?” in Afropunk, co-host of the NoSirNoMa’am! podcast, and creator of Blog #45, is an internationally recognized social media advocate who regularly uses her platform to raise awareness of the sociopolitical conditions in Sudan. She rose to prominence following the explosive political protests in December 2018, calling for the resignation of the then-president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, after his thirty years of brutal dictatorship. Elhassan continues, in real-time, to utilize her Twitter and Instagram platform (@BSonblast) by documenting and providing insightful analysis on behalf of the communities seeking true and just liberation for Sudan.

Interviewed by Taariq Elmahadi

Irvine, California

July 31, 2019

I interviewed Sara Elhassan to gain a broad account of the responses to the latest attacks against protestors in the streets...

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