This volume, written in the French language, belongs to the genre of Scientology Studies 2.0. As explained in his introduction, Massimo Introvigne notes this concept was first proposed by American sociologist, Donald Westbrook, in his 2020 article for Religion Compass—a concept that recognizes the substantial body of work by historians, sociologists and legal experts on this 70-year old religion.

As each of the five contributors point out, Scientology has sparked controversy ever since its beginnings in the 1950s in the United States. Today, as a well-known international, relatively new religious movement, it is still routinely referred to as a cult in articles and television shows generated by the mass media. Scientology’s apostates are lionized while their complaints and criticisms are broadcast.

Against this backdrop of controversy (genuine or concocted), five scholars embark on an exploration of this unique spiritual movement. They accomplish several tasks. First, they provide the reader...

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