This article analyzes the utilization of the concept “Gnosticism” in a form of Satanism that has come to be known as “Chaos Gnosticism,” or “Gnostic Satanism.” The topic of the study is the Swedish expression of this phenomenon attached to Current 218 and the Temple of Black Light, previously named the Misanthropic Luciferian Order (MLO). The group is known as one of the more radical and violent forms of Satanism. The aim here is to show how MLO relates to ancient Gnostic myths and how the particular and at times sinister worldview of MLO is legitimized by the use of Gnosticism. We also argue that the way the concept “Gnosticism” is understood within the group is reminiscent of the way it is constructed in certain scholarly circles. This brings to attention the relationship between modern academic publications and the construction of new religious movements.

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