Food—enjoying it, preparing it, serving it, distributing it, and using it for healing purposes—is central to life in the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization (3HO). In 3HO’s early years, food beliefs and practices were instrumental in creating community, shaping members’ identities, and establishing group boundaries. Over time, members created a variety of organizations linked to 3HO, and many members became Sikhs. They created businesses, several involving food production and sales, and some quite successful. In 2010 representatives of one of their organizations, Sikh Dharma International, sued the managers of one of the businesses, Golden Temple Bakery, accusing the managers of “misappropriation of valuable assets.” This paper examines the growth of 3HO businesses within the context of national food production and distribution, and it considers the internal stresses of 3HO institutions revealed via the trial.

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