This paper describes the way in which ordinary members of The Family International have created a unique "culture of prophecy" in their communal homes that results in routine, daily "channeling" of spiritual messages for both individual and group guidance. Data were collected through field observations, survey questionnaires, and direct interviews in twenty-two different homes in sixteen different countries. Variations in individual prophetic ability and practice are shown to be correlated with variations in language skills, gender, leadership experience, and age of home members. In general, the member category most likely to rate higher on prophetic ability can be described as younger Family leaders, regardless of gender, who possess good language skills. These results reflect The Family's successful socialization and home schooling practices, as well as effective implementation of policies that empower females and young people. Specific steps in the formulation of home or team prophecies are also identified and described and the social implications of "democratizing" prophecy are discussed.

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