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Current Issue
Volume 25,
Issue 4
May 2022
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Anna Iskra
Since the 2000s, Chinese society has experienced a state codirected psychologization of everyday life. This is reflected in the popularity of the Body-Mind-Spirit ( shen xin ling ), a New Age self-cultivation milieu that emerged at the intersections ...
Rachel Heggie
While the internet has given new life to the aspirations of new religious movements around the world, it has been a different story for the new religious movements coming from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Under brutal suppression, but still ...
Tiwi Etika, Anne Schiller
Many scholars have addressed processes whereby local faiths have come to be classified as Hindu. In Indonesia, such classifications are of profound significance among practitioners and for the state. For some Ngaju Dayaks, an indigenous people of ...
Joseph Powell
A connection and a yearning towards a communal and primarily agrarian existence connects the Rastafari the world over. Many Rastafari yearn for a life in direct communication with the earth through agricultural labor in a space created for and by ...
Erica Baffelli
This article examines the experiences of female Aum Shinrikyō members who left the group after the 1995 sarin gas attack in Tokyo, but who are unable to reject Aum and the lives they had lived inside it completely. Based on interviews and material ...

About the Journal

Nova Religio presents scholarly interpretations and examinations of emergent and alternative religious movements. Original research, perspectives on the study of new religions, literature reviews, and conference updates keep scholars well informed on a wide range of topics including: new religions; new movements within established religious traditions; neo-indigenous, neo-polytheistic and revival movements; ancient wisdom and New Age groups; diasporic religious movements; and marginalized and stigmatized religions.

ISSN: 1092-6690         eISSN: 1541-8480

Published Quarterly – August, November, February, May

Co-General Editors:

Marie Dallam, University of Oklahoma

Joseph Laycock, Texas State University

Catherine Wessinger, Loyola University New Orleans

Benjamin E. Zeller, Lake Forest College

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