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The University of California Press has moved to a new online journals platform to enhance our capabilities, our flexibility, and to serve our individual and institutional customers better. In recognition of the impact of Coronavirus on campus instruction and the rise of unplanned distance learning, University of California Press is pleased to make online access to all of our journals content unrestricted to all through June, 2020. Also, as a courtesy to current subscribers who have not yet placed an order for the 2020 calendar year, online access will be unrestricted until re-subscribing customers have been identified and activated on our new platform. This grace period does not convey a license to content until and unless a paid order for the 2020 subscription year has been received by UC Press.

19th Century Music is published three times per year on a rolling start basis. New subscriptions begin with the next issue to be published.

The journal is published in print and electronic formats. All individual print subscriptions include online access to the journal.

Please note that delivery of print issues may take up to 30 days after mail date to arrive.

Airfreight postage will be added to all print orders delivered outside North America.

To subscribe or purchase single issues, please continue to our shop cart page to complete your transaction.  Please note that single issue sales are subject to availability.

For questions about purchasing or access please use our contact web form.

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