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Call for Papers

19th-Century Music invites papers for review and possible publication.
19th-Century Music covers all aspects of Western art music composed in, leading to, or pointing beyond the "long century" extending roughly from the 1780s to the 1930s. Responses to prospective authors will be made within two months of our receiving submissions. We are interested equally in the music that belongs to the era and in the impact of the era's music on later times, media, and technologies. We welcome—in no particular order—studies of composers and compositions, styles, genres, performance, historical turning points, cultural formations, critical methods, musical institutions, nineteenth-century music in film and other media, the impact of science and technology, the material conditions of music, relations to literature, visual art, and theater, and more. Contributors are welcome to add to the list. Our aim is to publish far-reaching investigations at the leading edge of musical and multidisciplinary scholarship.
Sample articles:
J. Mackenzie Pierce
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