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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 24,
Issue 4
Fall 2021

About the Journal

Focused on examinations of crime and punishment in domestic, transnational, and international contexts, New Criminal Law Review provides timely, innovative commentary and in-depth scholarly analyses on a wide range of criminal law topics. The journal encourages a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches and is a crucial resource for criminal law professionals in both academia and the criminal justice system. The journal publishes thematic forum sections and special issues, full-length peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, and occasional correspondence. Please note:  University of California Press is suspending publication of New Criminal Law Review following publication of Volume 24, Number 4. 

ISSN: 1933-4192         eISSN: 1933-4206

Published Quarterly: January, April, July, October

Editor-in-Chief: Carrie Leonetti, University of Auckland


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