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Current Issue
Volume 24,
Issue 4
Fall 2021
James A. Purdon, Henry F. Fradella et al.
The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Arizona v. Gant fundamentally altered the law governing police searches of vehicles incident to the arrest of a vehicle occupant. To date, there has been no empirical examination of Gant’s impact on line ...
Stephen E. Henderson, Dean A. Strang
A young defense attorney earns his client, charged in federal court with bank robbery, a jury acquittal. (It’s the attorney’s first.) One would expect the impartial judge to thank the jury for its service. Instead, this one harangues both jury and ...
Isa C. Qasim
In 2018, the Supreme Court issued a little noticed decision, Currier v. Virginia, that signaled a potential revolution in the Double Jeopardy Clause doctrine. This essay uses that decision to reconsider the Clause’s disparate protections, seeking ...
Shai Farber, Nethanel Benichou
In June 2018, a new Reform came into effect in the Judea and Samaria Area (the West Bank; hereinafter “the Area”). For the first time, victims of terror activity that was adjudicated in military courts in the Area, acting under international law, ...

About the Journal

Please note:  University of California Press suspended publication of New Criminal Law Review following publication of Volume 24, Number 4. 

Focused on examinations of crime and punishment in domestic, transnational, and international contexts, New Criminal Law Review provides timely, innovative commentary and in-depth scholarly analyses on a wide range of criminal law topics. The journal encourages a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches and is a crucial resource for criminal law professionals in both academia and the criminal justice system. The journal publishes thematic forum sections and special issues, full-length peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, and occasional correspondence.

ISSN: 1933-4192         eISSN: 1933-4206

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