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Nineteenth-Century Literature and University of California Press extend their deep gratitude to Ron Lear who stewarded the journal as Managing Editor from 1989 until 2023. Ron's last day with the journal is January 20, 2023. We wish him all the best for his retirement and welcome Miranda Hoegberg and Mary Shannon as our new managing editors.


Jonathan H. Grossman and Saree Makdisi, University of California, Los Angeles

Managing Editors
Miranda Hoegberg, University of California, Los Angeles
Mary Shannon, University of California, Los Angeles

Advisory Board
Sukanya Banerjee, University of California, Berkeley
Nancy Bentley, University of Pennsylvania
Alan Bewell, University of Toronto
Rosemarie Bodenheimer, Boston College
Anna Brickhouse, University of Virginia
John Bryant, Hofstra University
James Buzard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gregg Camfield, University of California, Merced
Michael C. Cohen, University of California, Los Angeles
Jennifer L. Fleissner, Indiana University
Dustin Friedman, American University
Kevin Gilmartin, California Institute of Technology
Elaine Hadley, University of Chicago
Elizabeth K. Helsinger, University of Chicago
Carrie Hyde, University of California, Los Angeles
Theresa M. Kelley, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Christopher Looby, University of California, Los Angeles
Sharon Marcus, Columbia University
Jon Mee, University of Warwick
Andrew H. Miller, Johns Hopkins University
Anahid Nersessian, University of California, Los Angeles
Samuel Otter, University of California, Berkeley
Alan Richardson, Boston College
Talia Schaffer, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Elisa Tamarkin, University of California, Berkeley
Herbert F. Tucker, University of Virginia
Irene Tucker, University of California, Irvine


Founding Editor
Bradford A. Booth (1909-1968)

Previous Editors (terms > 2 years)
Blake Nevius
G.B. Tennyson
Alexander Welsh
Thomas Wortham
Joseph Bristow


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