Pagination of the Volume is as follows: June, pp. 1–91; September-December, pp. 93–193; March, pp. 195–271.


Jenkin-Smith, Daniel. A Tale of Two Bureaucracies: The Formal Development of Mid-Nineteenth-Century French and British Office Novels         93

Kinzinger, Stephanie. Embodied Cognition in Edgar Allan Poe: Eureka’s Cosmology, Dupin’s Intuition                                124

McKeever, Gerard Lee. Extreme Attachment: Allan Cunningham’s “South Countree”                                223

Mendonck, Wanne. “I Sort Rather with Those who Do Not Read”: Edward Carpenter, the Religion of Socialism, and the Prophetic Agitation of Literary Form    56

Redmond, Matthew. Living Too Long: Republican Time in Cooper’s Leatherstocking Novels                                  29

Rexroth, Grace. Byron and the Problem with Memory Arts: Writing Don Juan for an Age of “Uncertain Paper”                            1

Smith, Thomas Ruys. “The Enchantments of Waverley”: Walter Scott and Children’s Reading in Nineteenth-Century America                     145

Stokes, Claudia. Irving’s Literary Historiography              195


Allen, Emily. See Schaffer, Talia

Allison, Mark. See Lesjak, Carolyn


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