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Current Issue
Volume 76,
Issue 4
March 2022
Recently Published
Christiane Schwab
Christiane Schwab, “Sailors, Book Hawkers, and Bricklayer’s Laborers: Social Types and the Production of Social Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Periodical Literature” (pp. 403–426) This essay explores how the modern obsession with systems of human ...
William Bond
William Bond, “Love the Live Oak: Sidney Lanier’s Ecopoetics and the Critique of Mediation” (pp. 427–454) Sidney Lanier’s poetry has long been read as an exercise in the poetics of pure sound (and as either an escape from or an affront to a poetics ...
Ji Eun Lee
Ji Eun Lee, “Wooshing London: Unsettling Acceleration in H. G. Wells’s Tono-Bungay ” (pp. 455–490) This essay reads H. G. Wells’s Tono-Bungay (1909) in the context of “wooshing” London—I take the word from the story—to see how the unsettling effect ...

About the Journal

Nineteenth-Century Literature publishes articles on a broad-based group of transatlantic authors and poets, literary characters, and discourses—all discussed with a keen understanding of nineteenth-century literary history and theory.

The major journal for publication of new research in its field, Nineteenth-Century Literature features essays that span disciplines and which explore theoretical questions of gender, race, history, ecology and the anthropocene, cultural studies, empire, urbanism, and more. The journal also reviews select volumes of scholarship and criticism in nineteenth-century British and American literature, broadly conceived.

ISSN: 0891-9356         eISSN: 1067-8352

Published Quarterly: June, September, December, March

Editors: Jonathan H. Grossman and Saree Makdisi 

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