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Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2020; 373185–195 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2020.37.3.185
Published: 01 February 2020
... perspective . Cognition , 100 ( 1 ), 173 – 215 . Fritz , T. , Jentschke , S. , Gosselin , N. , Sammler , D. , Peretz , I. , Turner , R. , et al. ( 2009 ). Universal recognition of three basic emotions in music . Current Biology 19 ( 7 ), 573 – 576 . Getz , L...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2016; 333273 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2016.33.3.273
Published: 01 February 2016
...Lola L. Cuddy © 2016 by The Regents of the University of California 2016 INTRODUCTION TO THE SECOND SPECIAL ISSUE OF MUSIC PERCEPTION ON BKN25: MILESTONES IN MUSIC COGNITION LOLA L. CUDDY Editor, Music Perception Queen s University, Kingston, Canada T HIS IS THE SECOND OF TWO SPECIAL...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2015; 3311–2 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2015.33.1.1
Published: 01 September 2015
...Stephen McAdams; Alexander Rozin; David Temperley © 2015 by The Regents of the University of California 2015 INTRODUCTION TO THE TWO SPECIAL ISSUES OF MUSIC PERCEPTION ON BKN25: MILESTONES IN MUSIC COGNITION STEPHEN MCADAMS McGill University, Montreal, Canada ALEXANDER ROZIN West Chester...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2010; 2811 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2010.28.1.1
Published: 01 September 2010
... cognition, emotion, learning, inter- action, and enculturation. In most cultures, music per- formance is a multimodal form of expression that is often associated with activities such as dance and theatre. Despite this fact, research on human music processing has traditionally concentrated solely on the...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2006; 235365–376 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2006.23.5.365
Published: 01 July 2006
... article presents a case study from music cognition (modeling the ritardandi in music performance) and compares two families of computational models (kinematic and perceptual) using three different model selection criteria: goodness-of-fit, model simplicity, and the degree of surprise in the predictions...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 1999; 171127–144 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/40285815
Published: 01 October 1999
...Matthew S. Royal Aural Awareness: Principles and Practice Pratt George Music Perception © 1999 by the regents of the Fall 1999, Vol. 17, No. 1, 127-144 university of California Music Cognition and Aural Skills: A Review Essay on George Pratt's Aural Awareness George Pratt, Aural...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 1998; 161151–166 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/40285783
Published: 01 October 1998
... the processes involved in music cognition, in practice it too often degenerates into a loose "if you want to understand the theory, here, look in my program" approach. We will show how many issues cannot be decided by inspecting computer programs as they are written nowadays, and we will indicate a...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 1990; 73309–324 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/40285467
Published: 01 April 1990
... harmonic structure in music: Hierarchies of stability as a function of context. Cognition, 1983, 13, 63-102. Bingham, W. V. Studies in melody. Psychological Monographs, 1910, 13, No. 3. (Whole No. 50). Brown, H., & Butler, D. Diatonic trichords as minimal tonal cue-cells. In Theory Only, 1981...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 1987; 511–30 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/40285384
Published: 01 October 1987
.... Cognition of complex events: Visual scenes and music. In W. R. Crozier & A. J. Chapman (Eds.) Cognitive processes in the perception of art. Amsterdam: North- Holland, 1984. Bharucha, J. J. Anchoring effects in music: The resolution of dissonance. Cognitive Psychol- ogy, 1984a, 16,485-518...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 1984; 22245–264 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/40285294
Published: 01 December 1984
...), 212-234. Krumhansl, C. L. The psychological representation of musical pitch in a tonal context. Cognitive Psychology, 1979, 11, 346-374. Krumhansl, C. L., & Kessler, E. J. Tracing the dynamic changes in perceived tonal organiza- tion in a spatial representation of musical keys...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2003; 211135–153 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2003.21.1.135
Published: 01 September 2003
... dynamics: A model of musical expression. Jour- nal of the Acoustical Society of America, 91, 3540 3550. Lawrence M. Zbikowski, Conceptualizing Music: Cognitive Structure, Theory, and Analysis. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002, 360 pp., ISBN 0-19-514023-0, $50 (hardback) How [is it] that we can make...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 1987; 52173–195 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/40285391
Published: 01 December 1987
... cognitive patterns involved in the creation and interpretation of a particular musical system, and the establishment of new techniques that make this approach to cognitive analysis applicable to other musical systems. This article attempts to demonstrate the advantages an ethnomusicological approach can...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2011; 2911–21 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2011.29.1.1
Published: 01 September 2011
... and cognitive music theory. The former fractiously withdrew from its parent organization (AMS), whereas the latter was welcomed into SMPC. Inasmuch as both music theory and cognitive music theory rely on maps and models, Part 3 examines the metatheoretical importance of these terms for music cognition...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2018; 353332–363 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2018.35.3.332
Published: 01 February 2018
...Zachary Wallmark; Marco Iacoboni; Choi Deblieck; Roger A. Kendall Timbre plays an essential role in transmitting musical affect, and in recent years, our understanding of emotional expression in music has been enriched by contributions from the burgeoning field of embodied music cognition. However...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2017; 3513–37 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2017.35.1.3
Published: 01 September 2017
...Philippe Schlenker We provide the outline of a semantics for music. We take music cognition to be continuous with normal auditory cognition, and thus to deliver inferences about “virtual sources” of the music. As a result, sound parameters that trigger inferences about sound sources in normal...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2000; 173329–398 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/40285821
Published: 01 April 2000
...Eugene Narmour Iterative rules appear everywhere in music cognition, creating strong expectations. Consequently, denial of rule projection becomes an important compositional strategy, generating numerous possibilities for musical affect. Other rules enter the musical aesthetic through reflexive...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2010; 274281–285 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2010.27.4.281
Published: 01 April 2010
...Michael H. Thaut NEUROLOGIC MUSIC THERAPY LAST CAME INTO research and clinical focus via cognitive rehabilitation. New imaging techniques studying higher cognitive functions in the human brain 'in vivo' and theoretical advancements in music and brain function have facilitated this development...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2011; 29123–36 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2011.29.1.23
Published: 01 September 2011
... available in a database that is fully searchable or sortable by interested researchers. © 2011 by The Regents of the University of California 2011 27 January 2011 25 June 2011 music perception music cognition historical analysis trend analysis meta-analysis Music Perception...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2011; 283297–306 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2011.28.3.297
Published: 01 February 2011
...Peter Sedlmeier; Oliver Weigelt; Eva Walther Music is Intimately Connected with Body movements. Until recently, research has almost exclusively examined the impact of music on body movements. Yet findings on embodied cognition in other domains suggest that the influence might also work in the...
Journal Articles
Music Perception. 2015; 33120–31 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/mp.2015.33.1.20
Published: 01 September 2015
...Carol Lynne Krumhansl This essay begins by reviewing issues in psychological measurement that motivated some of the research summarized in Cognitive Foundations of Musical Pitch (Krumhansl, 1990). These were challenges to geometrical models of similarity, asymmetrical measures of similarity, and...