In recent empirical research, the experience of groove (i.e., the pleasant sense of wanting to move along with the music) has come into focus. By developing the new Experience of Groove Questionnaire (EGQ), Senn et al. (2020) have provided a standardized and validated research instrument for future studies, consisting of the two correlated factors Urge to Move and Pleasure. The present study reports the translation of the English version into German and a validation with a German sample (N = 455). The original version’s factor structure was confirmed by the German data. Test-retest reliability was found to be high (rtt > .85) for both factors. To determine convergent validity, two other scales were included: The Drum Pattern Quality Scale (Frühauf, Kopiez, & Platz, 2013) and the Aesthetic Emotions Scale (Schindler et al., 2017) showed high correlations (.78 < r < .87) with the two factors of the EGQ and therefore indicated convergent validity. We conclude that the German version shows good psychometric properties and recommend its use for future research on the experience of groove.

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