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Current Issue
Volume 39,
Issue 4
April 2022
Recently Published
Ariadne Loutrari, Cunmei Jiang et al.
Congenital amusia is a neurogenetic disorder of pitch perception that may also compromise pitch production. Despite amusics’ long documented difficulties with pitch, previous evidence suggests that familiar music may have an implicit facilitative ...
Kathleen A. Corrigall, Barbara Tillmann et al.
We used implicit and explicit tasks to measure knowledge of Western harmony in musically trained and untrained Canadian children. Younger children were 6–7 years of age; older children were 10–11. On each trial, participants heard a sequence of five ...
Sunday Ofuani
In tone languages, alteration of lexical tone changes the intended meaning. This implies that composers should equally match lexical tone in their music for intelligible communication of the intended textual messages, a compositional approach termed ...
Christopher Corcoran, Jan Stupacher et al.
Jazz musicians usually learn to play with “swing” phrasing by playing by ear. Classical musicians—who play more from musical scores than by ear—are reported to struggle with producing swing. We explored whether classical musicians play with more ...
Sebastian Silas, Daniel Müllensiefen et al.
Prior research studying the relationship between music training (MT) and more general cognitive faculties, such as visuospatial working memory (VSWM), often fails to include tests of musical memory. This may result in causal pathways between MT and ...

About the Journal

Music Perception: an interdisciplinary journal publishes theory driven, basic and applied science, empirical reports, theoretical papers, and reviews. The journal’s scope concerns the perception and cognition of music in composing, improvising, playing, performing, recalling, recognizing, teaching, learning and responding to music through single or multiple modalities.

ISSN: 0730-7829         eISSN: 1533-8312

Published Quarterly: September, December, February, April, June

Impact Factor: 1.271

Editor: Catherine J. Stevens

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