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Current Issue
Volume 39,
Issue 5
June 2022
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Victor Rosi, Olivier Houix et al.
Music or sound professionals use specific terminology to communicate about timbre. Some key terms do not come from the sound domain and do not have a clear definition due to their metaphorical nature. This work aims to reveal shared meanings of four ...
Tomas E. Matthews, Maria A. G. Witek et al.
The sensation of groove can be defined as the pleasurable urge to move to rhythmic music. When moving to the beat of a rhythm, both how well movements are synchronized to the beat, and the perceived difficulty in doing so, are associated with ...
Brendon Mizener, W. Jay Dowling
The task of music listening involves an auditory scene analysis in which the listener makes judgments related to melody, harmony, and consonance or dissonance, all of which are made within the context of key or tonic region. Here we examine whether ...
Neta B. Maimon, Dominique Lamy et al.
Western tonality provides a hierarchy among melodic scale-degrees, from the closural tonic triad notes to “out-of-key” chromatic notes. That hierarchy has been occasionally linked to emotion, with more closural degrees associated with more positive ...
George Sioros, Guy Madison et al.
Music often evokes a regular beat and a pleasurable sensation of wanting to move to that beat called groove. Recent studies show that a rhythmic pattern’s ability to evoke groove increases at moderate levels of syncopation, essentially, when some ...

About the Journal

Music Perception: an interdisciplinary journal publishes theory driven, basic and applied science, empirical reports, theoretical papers, and reviews. The journal’s scope concerns the perception and cognition of music in composing, improvising, playing, performing, recalling, recognizing, teaching, learning and responding to music through single or multiple modalities.

ISSN: 0730-7829         eISSN: 1533-8312

Published Quarterly: September, December, February, April, June

Impact Factor: 1.271

Editor: Catherine J. Stevens

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