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Current Issue
Volume 4,
Issue 2
April 2022
Recently Published
Lisa DeLeonardis
Architecture and its attendant meanings are the subject of an exceptional group of ceramics produced by the Paracas (c. 800–200 BCE) of south coastal Peru. Masterfully executed in patterned detail, these designs encapsulate a moment in pictorial ...
Carolyn Fornoff
This article considers how Mexican cinema has engaged with and dramatized global political conversations about Black oppression and power. It builds off recent scholarship that analyzes the visual representation of Afro-Mexican subjectivities, as ...
Guisela Latorre
In this article, I argue that Latinx artist Ben Cuevas uses knitting—a craft associated with traditional femininity and domesticity—to propose new understandings of relational queer bodies in an era of renewed and heightened policing and abuse ...

About the Journal

Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing the most current international research on the visual culture of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as that created in diaspora. A defining focus of the journal is its concentration of current scholarship on both Latin American and Latinx visual culture in a single publication. The journal aims to approach ancient, colonial, modern and contemporary Latin American and Latinx visual culture from a range of interdisciplinary methodologies and perspectives.

eISSN: 2576-0947

Published Quarterly – January, April, July, October

Editor-in-Chief: Charlene Villaseñor Black, University of California, Los Angeles

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