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Journal of Sound and Music in Games welcomes submissions of original work for review and consideration. Authors are required to review the journal's Author Guidelines prior to submission. Beginning March 2022, all submissions must be made through Scholastica at Authors will need to login using an existing Scholastica account or create a new account in order to submit.

Upon acceptance, authors are required to sign an Author Agreement  for the journal.

Journal of Sound and Music in Games Publication Ethics statement can be accessed here

Please direct all editorial inquiries to the either of the journal's Editors-in-Chief, Elizabeth Medina-Gray  or Tim Summers.

About the Peer Review Process

Journal of Sound and Music in Games uses a double-blind peer review process for research articles. When a submission is first received, the editors check the submission for suitability for the journal. Two independent reviews are then solicited from scholars with expertise relevant to the submission. The submission is presented as anonymous to the reviewers: the author’s name and other identifying information is absent. The reviewers’ identities are not revealed to the author, nor to each other. The reviewers are provided with guidelines for review, which are publicly accessible on the Society website. These guidelines also outline the expectations for confidentiality, conflict of interest, and professional conduct of reviewers.

Each reviewer assesses the submission and makes a publication recommendation to the editors – either acceptance for publication without revision, acceptance for publication with revision, an invitation to revise the article for further review, or rejection. The editors then assess the consensus view, considering the reviewers’ comments and recommendations. Where there is a divergence of opinion, a third review is normally commissioned. The reviews are presented to the author (anonymously) but editors reserve the right to edit the reviews before presenting them to the author. In cases of revised and resubmitted articles, the editors seek to re-engage at least one of the reviewers who assessed the article in its initial submission. The editors resolve to keep the process transparent, fair, and constructive throughout for all parties. Throughout the process, from initial enquiries to post-publication, the editors welcome communication from authors, and are available to provide support and guidance at each stage.

In rare cases, such as where a research article draws on an author’s own high-profile professional work, author anonymity may not be practically possible. In such cases, while the reviewers remain anonymous, additional specific assurances and guidelines for impartiality for the reviewers are agreed upon and implemented, in collaboration with the author and tailored to the particular case at hand.

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