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Place an order:

You may place an order for UC Press journals through your subscription agent, or directly through UC Press. For direct orders, you may

  • Order online through our shopcart: go to our list of journals, click on the journal you would like to order, then click on “subscribe” to utilize our journals shopping cart

  • Place your order directly with our fulfillment partner MPS at University of California Press, c/o MPS North America LLC, 5728 Major Blvd., Suite 528, Orlando, FL 32819  Tel: +1-866 978 5898, Fax: +1-484-302-4348, Email:

Accessing journals online:

University of California Press is currently moving to a new online journals platform to enhance our capabilities, our flexibility, and to serve our individual and institutional customers better. Journal of Sound and Music in Games is one of the first journals to be published on this new platform effective December 10, 2019. Between December 10, 2019 and April 2020 access to this journal will be unrestricted for all.

If you are having trouble accessing UC Press journals content to which you have subscribed, please contact us with details of your account and the problem you are experiencing.

Request a free 30-day trial:

To request a free 30-day online trial for one of our journals, locate the journal you are interested in from our list of journals and click on “Request Free Trial” to fill out a free trial request webform including your name, institution, customer number (if known), IP range, etc.

Schedule of issue releases:

Click here to view the schedule of releases for recent and upcoming issues.

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