An Architectural History of the Pacific Basin?

Julia Gatley, University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Andrew Leach, Griffith University, Australia, Co-chairs

“Chicago Architecture on the Pacific Rim, 1900–1925,” James Weirick, University of New South Wales, Australia

“Crossroad of Cultures: Pacific Basin Influence in Seattle,” Jeffrey Ochsner, University of Washington

“Importing Expertise: Australian-US Architects and the Large-Scale,” Philip Goad, University of Melbourne, Australia

“Architecture in Samoa: Imagery or Principles of the Pacific?,” Christoph Schnoor, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Ancients and Moderns: The Unraveling of Antiquity

John Pinto, Princeton University, and Daniel McReynolds, Princeton University, Co-chairs

“Ornament and the Language of Architecture in the Wake of the Querelle,” Maarten Delbeke, Ghent University, Belgium

“Ancient and Modern licentia,” Eleonora Pistis, Oxford University, UK

“Echotecture, Ancient and Modern,” Carolyn Yerkes, Princeton University

“Archaeological Gardens in Pre-Revolutionary France,” Gabriel Wick, Parsons The New School for Design, France

“Piranesi and the Etruscans,” Heather Hyde Minor, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

Replicas: Contentious Reconstructions of the Past

Adam Sharr, Newcastle University, UK, and Zeynep Kezer, Newcastle University, UK, Co-chairs

“Replica as Nation: Philippine Villages in World’s Fairs and Parks,” Edson Cabalfin, University of Cincinnati

“Replica/Simulacra: Politics in China’s Modern Cities of the Past,” Wei-Cheng Lin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“‘Replicas’ and the Quest for Identity: Athens, Skopje, Istanbul,” Kalliopi Amygdalou, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey

“Replicas as Critical Architectural Performances: Krefeld Pavilion,” Maarten Liefooghe, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

“Rethinking the Replica: Strategies from the Fringe,” Vicki Leibowitz, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

The Tent: One of Architecture’s Many Guises

William Tronzo, University of California, San Diego, Chair

“The Other Origin: Chinese Tents and Modern European Perceptions,” Vimalin Rujivacharakul, University of Delaware

“Tent: The Uncanny Architecture of Israel-Palestine 1910–2011,” Yael Allweil, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology

“Shelter from Shebangs to Sibleys: Tents in the Civil War,” Laura Hollengreen, Georgia Institute of Technology

“The Confluence of Real and Virtual Space in Late Ottoman Tents,” Ashley Dimmig, University of Michigan

What Canon? Questions of Landscape History

Thaisa Way, University of Washington, Chair

“An Alternative Table of Contents,” Susan Herrington, University of British Columbia, Canada

“Gilpin in the City: Constructing the Urban Landscape,” Elissa Rosenberg, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology

“Threaded as a String of Villas: Landscape Architectural History?,” Finola O’Kane Crimmins, University College Dublin, Ireland

“Tree Stories: Landscape as a Complex of Histories,” Sonja Duempelmann, Harvard University

“Roberto Burle Marx. The Vision of a cidade-parque,” Barbara Boifava, University IUAV of Venice, Italy

Open Session One

Mohammad Gharipour, Morgan State University, Chair

“Forming Mission Life: Seventeenth-Century New Mexico Conventos,” Klint Ericson, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

“The Case of C. E. Bell: An Episode in Professionalization,” Ronald Ramsay, North Dakota State University

“The Venice Architecture Biennale: On Disciplinary Boundaries,” Rute Figueiredo, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

“Mid-Century Modern Revisited: The Case of Pueblo Gardens,” Clare Robinson, University of Arizona

Dwelling in Asia: Translations between Housing, Domesticity & Architecture

Eunice Seng, The University of Hong Kong, Chair

“Dwelling in Ruins: New Archaeologies of Displacement,” Anoma Pieris, The University of Melbourne, Australia

“Redefinitions of Dwelling in the Asian Serviced Apartment Industry,” Max Hirsh, The University of Hong Kong

“Architecture and Urban Living in Early 20th Century South China,” Cecilia Chu, The University of Hong Kong

“Designating Home: Objects, Plans, and Citizens in North Korea,” Melany Sun-Min Park, Harvard University

“The Domesticity Adventure of the 1980s in Japan,” Marta Rodriguez, University of Houston

Architectural Histories of Data

Zeynep Çelik Alexander, University of Toronto, Canada, and Lucia Allais, Princeton University, Co-chairs

“The Pit as Natural Order: Reconciling ‘Wind Wheat’ as Data,” Gretta Tritch Roman, Pennsylvania State University

“Materials without Qualities,” Michael Osman, University of California, Los Angeles

“Le don and la donnée: Or, How Data Is Taken as ‘Given,’ ” Ginger Nolan, Pratt Institute

“The Organizational a priori of Land Cover Classification,” Robert Gerard Pietrusko, Harvard University

Industrial Landscapes and Heritage: A Global Examination

Catherine Boland Erkkila, Rutgers University, Chair

“Inventing Industrial Heritage in China: Tourism and Deep History,” Andrew Johnston, Xi’an Jiaoton–Liverpool University, China

“São Paulo’s Northwestern Country Towns: Heritage and Marginality,” Evandro Fiorin, UNESP, Presidente Prudente, Brazil

“Through the Lens of Industry: Re-envisioning Rust Belt Ruins,” Annie Schentag, Cornell University

Brutalism in the Americas: North-South Connections

Carlos Eduardo Dias Comas, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and Ruth Verde Zein, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brazil, Co-chairs

“Canada, Concrete and Climate: From Grain Silos to Expo ’67,” Michelangelo Sabatino, Illinois Institute of Technology

“A Brutal Context: Gunnar Birkerts at Tougaloo College, 1965–1972,” Michael Abrahamson, University of Michigan

“The Malleability of Venezuelan Precasting and Polish Engineering,” David Foxe, Boston Architectural College

“Building Form and Production in the Social Context of Brutalism,” Renato Anelli, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

“The X ism: Latin American Brutalism in Connection,” Horacio Torrent, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

The Printed and the Built

Mari Hvattum, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway, Chair

“Printing Ancient Polychromy,” Ulrike Fauerbach, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, and Arnd Hennemeyer, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

“The Public Building: Competitions in the British Press, 1836–57,” Anne Hultzsch, University College London, UK

“The Pioneering Architectural History Books of Kugler and Fergusson,” Petra Brouwer, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“Utopia, Printed,” Irene Cheng, California College of the Arts

“Exhibition, Catalogue, Review: Promoting a New Berlin in 1901,” Wallis Miller, University of Kentucky

Open Session Two

Elisha Ann Dumser, University of Akron, Chair

“Reconstructing the Proto-Doric Temple: An Etiologic Approach,” Richard Economakis, University of Notre Dame, and Kevin Buccellato, University of Notre Dame

“On the Political Impact of Temple Design in Republican Rome,” Penelope Davies, University of Texas at Austin

“The Construction Is the Message: Building in Augustan Rome,” Diane Favro, University of California, Los Angeles

“The Iconography of Municipal Power in Late Medieval Barcelona,” Shelley Roff, University of Texas at San Antonio

“The Picturesque Gothic Villa Comes to Town,” Scott Weir, ERA Architects Inc., Canada

Time, Transformation, and Textuality in African Architecture

Michelle M. Apotsos, Williams College, Chair

“Redefining the Mellah of Fez in the Twenty-First Century,” Michelle Huntingford Craig, Getty Research Institute

“Part of Who We Are? Creative Re-use in Morocco and Algeria,” Diana Wylie, Boston University

“Legacies of Impermanence in Old Calabar,” Joseph Godlewski, Syracuse University

“Things Fall Apart: Igbo Mbari and the Phenomenology of Time,” Kevin Tervala, Harvard University

“Hidden Spaces: New Migrant Trading Places in Cape Town,” Huda Tayob, University College London, UK

Sound Modernity: Architecture, Technology, and Media

Olga Touloumi, Bard College, and Sabine von Fischer, Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Germany, Co-chairs

“Frank Lloyd Wright’s Sound Modernity,” Jack Quinan, University at Buffalo

“Catacoustic Enchantments: The Romantic Invention of Reverberation,” Joseph Clarke, Illinois Institute of Technology

“BBC’s Broadcasting House in London: Encasing Electronic Orality,” Shundana Yusaf, University of Utah

“Building Public Radio in Postwar Canada,” Michael Windover, Carleton University, Canada

“Sound Medicine: The Acoustic Environment of the Modern Hospital,” David Theodore, McGill University, Canada

Vernacular Chicago: Architecture in the City of Broad Shoulders

Marta Gutman, City College of New York, Chair

“Doing Density: Chicago’s Courtyard Apartments and Bungalows,” Daniel Bluestone, Boston University

“Aesthetics and Action: Developing High Schools for Chicagoland,” Jospeh Bigott, Purdue University Calumet

“Chicago’s Postwar Suburban Churches: Vernacular, or Not?,” Gretchen Buggeln, Valparaiso University

“Storefront Museums and Pagodas: Memory and Place on Argyle St.,” Erica Allen-Kim, University of Toronto, Canada

“The Urban Vernacular in Early Mexican South Chicago,” Michael Innis-Jiménez, University of Alabama

The Invaluable Indigene: Local Expertise in the Imperial Context

Peter Christensen, University of Rochester, and Igor Demchenko, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Co-chairs

“Gaikokujin and Giyōfū: Western Architecture in 19th-Century Japan,” Neil Jackson, University of Liverpool, UK

“China Gothic: ‘Indigenous’ Church Design in Late-Imperial Beijing,” Anthony Clark, Whitworth University

“King Njoya’s Palace and Architectural Competition in German Kamerun,” Mark DeLancey, DePaul University

“Unsung Histories: Ottoman-British Networks of Industrialization,” Sibel Zandi-Sayek, College of William and Mary

From Drawing to Building—Reworking Architectural Drawing

Desley Luscombe, Univesity of Technology Sydney, Australia, and Andrew Benjamin, Monash University Melbourne, Australia, Co-chairs

“Drawing without Building: Projecting San Petronio, Bologna,” Ann Huppert, University of Washington

“Erasure: The Critical Time of the Drawing,” Teresa Stoppani, Leeds Beckett University, UK

“The Art of Siting in the Drawings of Karl Friedrich Schinkel,” Emma Jones, University of Zürich, Switzerland

“From Matter to Force: The Diagrams of Auguste Choisy,” Peter Macapia, Pratt Institute

“ ‘The Art of Shaddowes’: The Baroque of Hawksmoor,” Stephen Kite, Cardiff University, UK

Open Session Three

David T. Van Zanten, Northwestern University, Chair

“Rearing Royals: A Study of Spaces for Royal Children in 16th-Century France,” Elisabeth Narkin, Duke University

“Just What Made Yesteryear’s Homes So Different, So Appealing?,” Conor Lucey, University of Pennsylvania

“The Josephinum—Construction of a Healthy Society,” Markus Swittalek, Gabriele Possanner Institut, Austria

“Le Corbusier, la Belle Epoque, and the Quirks of Historiography,” Meredith Clausen, University of Washington

“Voyage aux Etats Unis—Jean Prouvé in America,” Andreas Buss, Lutz & Buss Architekten, Switzerland

Materiality and Modernism

Alina Payne, Harvard University, and Robin Schuldenfrei, Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, UK, Co-chairs

“Material/Anti-material: Glass, Dust and Air in the Maison de Verre,” Emma Cheatle, University of Brighton, UK

“Béton Brut and the Vitality of Materials,” Réjean Legault, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

“Modernism’s Tranquilizer: Mendelsohn’s Concept of Ferro-Concrete,” Erik Wegerhoff, Technische Universität München, Germany

“Pneumatic Decoys: Blowing Up Architectural Modernism,” Whitney Moon, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

“A Question of Digital Materiality: Media Facades in Architecture,” Scott Murray, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

Reassessing the Cold War in Architecture and Planning

Paolo Scrivano, Boston University, Chair

“Vienna: A Special Case in the Cold War,” Monika Platzer, Architekturzentrum Wien, Austria

“The Specter of Cheerfulness in Cold War Architecture,” Greg Castillo, University of California, Berkeley

“Modernism, French Reconstruction and Cold War Diplomacy, ca. 1950,” Nicola Pezolet, Concordia University, Canada

“Cold War in the Tropics: The Politics of Design in Fria, Guinea,” Yetunde Olaiya, Princeton University

“New Belgrade: Anti-Berlin,” Vladimir Kulic, Florida Atlantic University

Bigger Than Big: American Matter Out Of Scale

Justin Fowler, Princeton University, and Dan Handel, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Co-chairs

“A New Hemisphere in the Geography of the Mind,” Anna Vallye, Washington University

“The Naturalist in the Age of Ecology,” Kathleen John-Alder, Rutgers University

“Collecting the Nation: The Museum of La Plata, Argentina 1888,” Ana María León, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Land Art as Land Management,” Margo Handwerker, University of California, Los Angeles

Repositioning Mughal Architecture within the Persianate World

Mehreen Chida-Razvi, SOAS, University of London, UK, Chair

“Mughal Tilework: Persianate or Sultanate?,” Bernard O’Kane, American University in Cairo, Egypt

“Akbar’s Fatehpur Sikri: Persianate Philosophy Writ in Red Sandstone,” Santhi Kavuri-Bauer, San Francisco State University

“Gardens in Early Mughal Age: Origins of Design and Concepts,” Mohammad Gharipour, Morgan State University

“Safavid and Mughal Urban Bridges: Garden Traditions in the Public,” Sahar Hosseini, University of Wisconsin– Milwaukee

“The Mughals and Safavids: Shared Architectural Practices,” Farshid Emami, Harvard University

Watery Networks

Sheila Crane, University of Virginia, and Mark Hinchman, Taylors University, Malaysia, Co-chairs

“In Transit: Balkan Trade Cities along the Danube and Black Sea,” Yumiko Hayasaka, University of Tokyo, Japan

“Colonial Networks and Geographies at the Mostra d’Oltremare,” Brian McLaren, University of Washington

“Post-war Mozambique, Western Legacies, and the Atlantic Ocean,” Elisa Dainese, University of Pennsylvania

“A Portuguese Colonial City in-between Asia, Africa and Europe,” Nuno Grancho, University of Coimbra, Portugal

“Yongningsi: A Ming Dynasty Temple Across the East Sea,” Aurelia Campbell, Boston College

Environmental Technologies In History: Chicago’s Role

Anthony Denzer, University of Wyoming, Chair

“Every Room an Outside Room: Light Courts in Chicago Skyscrapers,” Thomas Leslie, Iowa State University

“Chicago’s Privy Vault Problem: Regulating Building, Managing Risk,” Ellen Dineen Grimes, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

“Chicago Air-Conditioning and F. L. Wright’s Environmental Controls,” Joseph Siry, Wesleyan University

Resource Architectures

Meredith TenHoor, Pratt Institute, and Jonathan Massey, Syracuse University, Co-chairs

“The Machine in the Backyard Garden: Nigeria’s Land Grant Campus, 1961–69,” Ayala Levin, Columbia University

“Human Erosion in the FSA Migratory Labor Camps,” Josi Ward, Cornell University

“The Jewish Agency for Israel—Designs for Cowsheds (1953–1967),” Martin Hershenzon, University of Pennsylvania

“Architectural Labor from Socialist Countries in Iraq (1958–1991),” Lukasz Stanek, University of Manchester, UK

The Legacy of Totalitarianism

Lucy M. Maulsby, Northeastern University, Chair

“The Milan Triennale after Fascism,” Emily Morash, Connecticut College

“The SAAL Spring: Revolution, Housing and Bureaucracy in Portugal,” Nelson Mota, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

“Silencing Architecture after Franquismo,” María González Pendás, Columbia University

“Property and the Politics of Public Housing in Milan, 1930–1960,” Jonathan Mekinda, University of Illinois at Chicago

“The Communist Origins of Neo-Liberalism in Eastern European Cities,” Kimberly Zarecor, Iowa State University

Building Practices in Transcontinental Migration

Ricardo Agarez, Ghent University, and Pilar Sánchez-Beltrán, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Co-chairs

“Migration of Profession: Italian Architects in São Paulo, 1870–1933,” Lindener Pareto Jr., Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, Brazil

“Churches for Russian Migrants: Sullivan, Chicago, and Siberia,” Anatole Upart, University of Chicago

“Rockefeller Center: A Case Study in Transnational Topographies,” Georges Farhat, University of Toronto, Canada, and Dustin Valen, McGill University, Canada

“Operation Bolero and the Transformation of British Architecture,” Nick Beech, Oxford Brookes University, UK

“LC as Migrant: Encountering Chandigarh before Chandigarh,” Maristella Casciato, Canadian Centre for Architecture

Housing: Intersections of Architecture, Planning & Social Reform

Rachel Kallus, Technion, and Yael Allweil, Technion, Co-chairs

“ ‘Unplanned Plans’: Urbanization in 20th Century Turkey,” Nese Gurallar, Gazi University, Turkey

“A. Lawrence Kocher, Preservation and the Minimum House,” Anna Goodman, University of California, Berkeley

“Housing for Spatial Justice,” Ipek Tureli, McGill University, Canada

“Learning from Architecture and Revolution,” Ana Tostoes, IST, Lisbon University, Portugal

“Housing and Revolution as Industry, 1938–1960,” Burak Erdim, North Carolina State University

Darwinism and the Evolution of American Architecture

Gregory Grämiger, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, and Niklas Naehrig, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, Co-chairs

“On a Pre-Darwinian Episode: Horatio Greenough’s Functionalism,” Erdem Erten, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey

“A Living Art: Evolution and a Modern American Architecture,” Marjorie Pearson, Summit Envirosolutions

“Evolutionary Tectonics: Race, Style and Variation in Der Stil,” Charles Davis, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“Ornament and Evolution in ‘The Age of Force,’ ” Esther Choi, Princeton University

“What Does Sullivan’s Architecture Sound Like?,” Kurt W. Forster, Yale University

Graduate Student Lightning Talks

R. Scott Gill, University of Texas at Austin, Jennifer Donnelly, University of Pittsburgh, and Tait Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, Co-chairs

“Kashan’s Pre-Modern Silk Textile Workshops and Production Practice,” Nader Sayadi, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“The Work of Art: Landscapes of Labor in the American Southwest,” Pollyanna Rhee, Columbia University

“Modern Landscape Architecture: The Persian Legacy of the 1970s,” Mehdi Azizkhani, Texas A &M University

“Catherine Bauer: The Global Dissemination of Optimum Urbanization,” Sabrina Shafique, University of Kansas

“Interrogating the Dead: Reassessing Cultural Identity of Makli, Munazzah Akhtar,” University of Victoria, Canada

“The Funerary Fabrics of Úbeda,” Luke Fidler, University of Chicago

“Regional Variation in the Architecture of the Early Modern Dead,” Jonathan Kewley, Durham University

“Defense, Destruction, Opportunity: Wartime Housing Exhibitions,” Erin McKellar, Boston University

“Modern Architecture in the Papers: A Popular Imagery of the Future,” Marie-Madeleine Ozdoba, EHESS, France

“The Mid-Century Bachelor’s Apartment: An Image of Spectacle,” Jason Derouin, Texas Tech University

“Susan Sontag—Camp Encounters with Architecture, 1964–1966,” Christina Gray, University of California, Los Angeles

“(De)-centering: Where in the World Is Modern Architecture?,” Jennifer Tate, University of Texas Austin

Emotional Histories of Architecture

Greg Castillo, University of California, Berkeley, Chair

“Object Lessons: Learning from Emotion in Enlightenment Architecture,” Keith Bresnahan, OCAD University, Canada

“American Cool, American Houses: Modernism and Its Critics,” Hilde Heynen, University of Leuven, Belgium

“Postcolonial Historiography: An Emotional Revision,” Farhan Karim, University of Kansas

“Architecture of the Mask: Evincing Japanese Humor,” Lisa Hsieh, University of Minnesota

“Praying and Playing in 21st Century India’s Theme Park Temples,” Swetha Vijayakumar, University of California, Berkeley

Destroying and Constructing Reality: Material and Form since 1800

Ariel Genadt, University of Pennsylvania, and Eric Bellin, University of Pennsylvania, Co-chairs

“Imitation of Material as Perception of Knowledge,” Martine Vernooij, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, and Uta Hassler, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

“The Truth of the Surface: Terracotta in Early Skyscraper Design,” Jasper Cepl, Hochschule Anhalt, Germany

“The Depth of the Surface? Loos, van de Velde and (Im)Materiality,” Ole W. Fischer, University of Utah

After Analog: New Perspectives on Photography and Architecture

Hugh Campbell, University College Dublin, Ireland, and Mary N. Woods, Cornell University, Co-chairs

“Building, Image, Cast: Indexicality in the Digital Era,” Peter Sealy, Harvard University

“Aerial Viscosity: The Architecture of Digital Drone Photography,” Jon Yoder, Kent State University

“Beyond the Invisible Rainbow: Scientific Visions of Gyorgy Kepes,” Filip Tejchman, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

“‘Time to End Blight’: Photographing Decline in Detroit,” Wes Aelbrecht, University College London, UK

“Building with Images: Digital Collage and Dirty Realism,” Jesús Vassallo, Rice University

Architectural History in the Anthropocene

Daniel A. Barber, University of Pennsylvania, Chair

“Architectural History in the Anthropocene: Toward Methodology,” Esther Da Costa Meyer, Princeton University

“London Particular: The City and the Visibility of Its Objects,” Timothy Hyde, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Environmental Thought in Architectural Modernism, ca. 1900,” Kenny Cupers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“Commons, Cords, and Combustion,” Meg Studer, City College at City University of New York

“The Problem of Thermal Comfort in Climatic Design,” Jiat-Hwee Chang, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Architecture in a New Light

Sandy Isenstadt, University of Delaware, and Margaret Maile Petty, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Co-chairs

“Lighting the Victorian Art School,” Ranald Lawrence, University of Sheffield, UK

“Lighting the American Farm in the Age of Rural Electrification,” Sarah Rovang, Brown University

“Sociocultural Modernity amid Electrification in Savannah, Georgia,” Jessica Archer, University of California, Santa Barbara

“Fiat Lux? Contested Light in Chicago Streets, 1893–1930,” Robert Buerglener, Northwestern University

“The Reinvention of Paris, the City of Light, at the 1937 Paris Exposition,” Danilo Udovički-Selb, University of Texas at Austin

21st Century Critical Conservation: Re-Thinking the Status Quo

Susan Nigra Snyder, Harvard University, and George E. Thomas, Harvard University, Co-chairs

“Historic Cities in Continuous Evolution,” Natalia Escobar Castrillon, Harvard University

“Commemoration at the Edge: From Preservation to Activism,” Anita Bakshi, Rutgers University

“Sprawl, Gentrification and Historic Preservation,” Robert Bruegmann, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Landmarking, Housing Production and Demographics in Manhattan,” Paimaan Lodhi, Real Estate Board of New York. and Ali Davis, Real Estate Board of New York

“Ecological Identity in the Search for Ecological Conservation,” José María Ortiz Cotro, Harvard University