Americanizations: Planning the Hemisphere at Midcentury

Luis Castañeda, Syracuse University, and Deanna Sheward, New York University, Co-chairs

“Representing Latin America in Hitchcock’s Archive,” Patricio del Real, Columbia University

“Sowing the Oil: A New City Is Rising—Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela, 1951–2012,” Carlos Brillembourg, Carlos Brillembourg Architects, New York

“Chimbote Projected: From Up Above and from Down Below,” Helen Gyger, Columbia University

“A Crucible for Experimental Urban Planning: Panama in the Mid-20th Century,” Carol Reese, Tulane University, and Thomas Reese, Tulane University

“Josep Lluis Sert and Urban Design Pedagogy, 1944–59,” Eric Mumford, Washington University

Building the Kingdom: Architecture for Religious Communities

Ayla Lepine, Yale University, and Kate Jordan, University College London, Co-chairs

“Sisterly Love in Lisieux: Building the Basilica of Sainte-Thérèse,” Jessica Basciano, Picton, Ontario

“Prairie Progressivism: G. P. Stauduhar’s Benedictine Monastery,” Barbara Mooney, University of Iowa

“Revolution and Revelation: Luis Barragán’s Monastery at Tlalpán,” José Bernardi, Arizona State University

“Building the Common: Mahony’s and Griffin’s Catholic College,” Shiben Banerji, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Paolo Soleri’s Teilhard de Chardin Cloister,” Alicia Imperiale, Temple University

Function and Fantasy: The Aesthetics of Iron Architecture

Michael Gibson, Greenberg, Whitcombe & Takeuchi, LLP, Chair

“London’s Crystal Palace and Its Decorative Iron Construction,” John Stamper, University of Notre Dame

“Bones of Iron, Skin of Glass: Paleostructure at the Oxford Museum,” Nathaniel Walker, Brown University

“Utility and Beauty: Iron Architecture in Jamaica, 1800–1908,” Elizabeth Pigou-Dennis, University of Technology, Jamaica

“Richard Lucae and the Aesthetics of Space in the Age of Iron,” Jasper Cepl, Technische Universität Berlin

“Dematerialized Iron: The Wish Image in Émile Zola’s Novels,” Peter Sealy, Harvard University

Hue and Cry: Color in Contemporary Architecture

Andrew Shanken, University of California, Berkeley, and Michael J. Lewis, Williams College, Co-Chairs

“Shades of Gray,” Marc Treib, University of California, Berkeley

“Luminous Surfaces: Color and Experience in Contemporary Architecture,” Mikesch Muecke, Iowa State University

“Blue-Purple Room: The Roots of Aldo van Eyck’s ‘Spatial Colourism,’ ” Surry Schlabs, Yale University

“Chromatic Dreams: Color in Experimental Architecture 1965–1972,” Carolyn Kane, City University of New York

Perception and Experience in the Italian Garden, 1500–1750

Tracy Ehrlich, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, and Katherine Bentz, Saint Anselm College, Co-Chairs

“On Monsters and Marvels: Hybridity and the Early Modern Garden,” Luke Morgan, Monash University

“Green Architecture at the Villa Giulia: The Pergola as Leitmotiv,” Natsumi Nonaka, University of Texas at Austin

“The Draftsman in the Gardens of Rome: The Intimate View,” Denis Ribouillault, Université de Montréal

“From a Fountaineer’s Perspective: G. A. Nigrone on Gardens and Fountains,” Anatole Tchikine, Dumbarton Oaks

“Between Nature and Artifice: Experience in Early Modern Italian Gardens,” Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto, University of Pennsylvania

Shifting the Historiography of the Near East: Re-Interpreting the Past

Hooman Koliji, University of Maryland, and Mohammad Gharipour, Morgan State University, Co-Chairs

“Reflections on Persianate Civitas in Near Eastern Historiography,” Manu Sobti, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

“Ottoman Historiography through Its Orphaned Primary Sources,” Esra Akin-Kivanc, Oberlin College

“Ornament and Interpretation: ‘Geometry Made Manifest’ in 11th- to 12th-Century Iran,” Carol Bier, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

“Sketch, Dig, Gauge: Archaeology and the Construction of Ottoman Rail,” Peter Christensen, Harvard University

Framed Views

Keith Eggener, University of Missouri, Chair

“Fictive Vistas: Frank Carr’s Turn-of-the-Century Window Dressing,” Anca Lasc, Shippensburg University

“American Haunts: Walker Evans’s Vernacular Architecture Photographs,” Kristen Oehlrich, Brown University

“Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin: The Convergence of Cinema and Architecture,” Merrill Schleier, University of the Pacific, Stockton

“The ‘Photographic Unconscious’ of the Berliner Bild-Bericht Prints,” Catalina Mejia Moreno, Newcastle University

An Architect by Any Other Name: (Re)Contexutalizing “Architects”

Lisa Landrum, University of Manitoba, Chair

“Draftsman, Geometer, Worldmaker: Architect of the Islamic World,” Hooman Koliji, University of Maryland

“An Ottoman Ode to a Joy-Giver Architect: Here, There,Everywhere,” Gul Kale, McGill University

“Francesco di Giorgio and the Emergence of the Renaissance Architect,” Elizabeth Merrill, University of Virginia

“Jean-Baptiste Colbert and the Invention of the Modern Architect,” Ron Jelaco, McGill University

“Architecture or Environmental Design? The Postwar Debate,” Avigail Sachs, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

The Idea and Building of a Town in the Early Modern Spanish World

Paul Niell, Florida State University, and Luis J. Gordo-Peláez, University of Texas at Austin, Co-Chairs

“The Idea of Tihó-Mérida: The Maya Colonization Mérida,” C. Cody Barteet, University of Western Ontario

“Urban Planning in Sixteenth-Century Castile: The Founding of New Towns,” María Amparo López-Arandia, Universidad de Extremadura, Badajoz

“Francisco Pizarro, Pedro Sancho, and the Idea of Spanish Cuzco,” Michael Schreffler, Virginia Commonwealth University

“Vitruvian Urbanism in 18th-Century Spain,” Victor Deupi, New York Institute of Technology

Modern Architecture and the Book

Julia Walker, Binghamton University, and Pepper Stetler, Miami University, Co-Chairs

“Towards a New Objectivity: Muthesius, Photography, and the English House,” Jasmine Benyamin, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

“Compare/Contrast: Double Vision circa 1900,” Zeynep Çelik Alexander, University of Toronto

“DIN 476: Books, Buildings, and the Bauentwurfslehre 1936,” Nader Vossoughian, New York Institute of Technology

“Ethnographic Architectural History,” Claire Zimmerman, University of Michigan

“Sigfried Giedion and the Beginnings of a Visual Literacy,” Reto Geiser, Rice University

Postwar Architecture and the Diplomacy of Furniture

Fredie Floré, Ghent University, and Cammie McAtee, Harvard University, Co-Chairs

“Signifying Modernity: Knoll Furniture in Sri Lanka,” Robin Jones, Southampton Solent University

“Modernism on Vacation: The Politics of Caribbean Hotel Furniture,” Erica Morawski, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Handmade Politics: American Promotion of Italian Craft and Design,” Catharine Rossi, Kingston University

“The Politics and Stagecraft of the Postwar American Showroom,” Margaret Maile Petty, Victoria University of Wellington

Transnational Architecture Practice in Africa and Asia, 1960s–1980s

Max Hirsh, ETH Zurich, and Łukasz Stanek, National Gallery of Art, Co-Chairs

“Architecture and International Development Aid in Postcolonial Africa,” Kim De Raedt, University of Ghent

“Non-Aligned Architecture: China’s Designs on/in Africa,1955–1989,” Cole Roskam, University of Hong Kong

“Architectural Expertise and Transnational Networks in Maputo, 1960–1987,” Nikolai Brandes, Freie Universität Berlin

“Tefen and the Liberal Model in Israeli Architecture, 1977–85,” Dan Handel, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and Alona Nitzan-Shiftan, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

“Australian Trained Architects and the Building of Cold War Asia,” Peter Scriver, University of Adelaide, and Amit Srivastava, University of Adelaide

Contested Spaces/Reconfigured Spaces

Robert Nauman, University of Colorado, Boulder, Chair

“Alevi Religious Architecture in the Contemporary Urban Environment,” Angela Andersen, Ohio State University

“Spatializing Difference: Making an Internal Border in Elazığ (Turkey),” Zeynep Kezer, Newcastle University

“Landscapes of Industrial Excess: Thick Sections as Landscape History,” Thaisa Way, University of Washington, Seattle

Asia and Middle East

Tamara I. Sears, Yale University, Chair

“Monumental Pride: Mayawati’s Dalit Memorials in Uttar Pradesh, India,” Melia Belli, University of Texas at Arlington

“Before the British ASI: Architectural History in Mughal India,” Chanchal Dadlani, Wake Forest University

“Space and Symbols: The History of the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout,” Ratu Kusumawardhani, University of Indraprasta PGRI, and Kemas Kurniawan, Indonesia University, Jakarta


Medina Lasansky, Cornell University, Chair

“As Seen on TV: The Cultural Meanings of the Leave It to Beaver House,” Holly Wlodarczyk, University of Minnesota

“The Palazzo Soprano; or, McMansion as Threat,” Denise Costanzo, Pennsylvania State University

“Ugly America and the Shopping Mall: A Time-Life View of the ’50s and ’60s,” Gabrielle M. Esperdy, New Jersey Institute of Technology

“Crime Seen Investigation: Visual Villainy in Architecture and Film,” Jon Yoder, Syracuse University

“The Afterlife of the SAGE System: The Situation Room in Hollywood,” Evangelos Kotsioris, Princeton University

Architectural Archives and the Practice of History

Samuel Dodd and Kathryn Pierce, University of Texas at Austin, Co-Chairs

“Archives, Artifacts, and Actors: Producing a Modern Profession,” Katherine Solomonson, University of Minnesota

“Appropriating Moving Image Archives Architecturally,” Kevin McMahon, SCI-Arc

“Archival Appraisal and Born-Digital Architectural Records,” Anne Barrett, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“Arch-App: Mobilizing and Sustaining Architecture Archives,” June Komisar, Ryerson University

“Semantic Web Technologies and the Architectural Archive,” Deborah van der Plaat, University of Queensland, and John Macarthur, University of Queensland

The Architecture of Industry

Mathew Aitchison, University of Queensland, Chair

“The Factory System: Modern Architecture and Scientific Management,” Tilo Amhoff, University College London

“The Industrial Pastoral in the Tennessee Valley Authority,” Laura Sivert, Pennsylvania State University

“Secret Spaces: Southern California’s Aerospace Modernism,” Stuart Leslie, Johns Hopkins University

“The Urban Offshore: Building the Non-Regulatory Space of Finance,” Amy Thomas, University College London

“Walmart and the Architecture of Logistics,” Jesse LeCavalier, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Between New York and Chicago: Buffalo in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Francis R. Kowsky, University at Buffalo, Chair

“A New York Critic and the Chicago and Buffalo Expositions,” Judith Major, Kansas State University

“James H. Marling and His Associates in Buffalo, NY, 1883–1895,” Martin Wachadlo, Buffalo, New York

“Buffalo’s Un-Common, Common Housing: Regionalism and Vernacular Housing,” Thomas Hubka, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

“Manhattan Calling: The Telephone and Modern Architecture in New York,” Kathryn Holliday, University of Texas at Arlington

“Statler Hotels in Buffalo: Pioneering the Modern Commercial Hotel,” Lisa Davidson, National Park Service

The Circulation of Architecture

Kenny Cupers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Curt Gambetta, Woodbury University, Co-Chairs

“The Diffusion of Architectural Innovation in the Roman Empire,” Anne Hrychuk Kontokosta, Pratt Institute

“Modernity in a Suitcase: Architecture in 19th-Century Iranian Travel Diaries,” Vahid Vahdat Zad, Texas A&M University

“Monuments in Flux: Plaster Casts as Mass Medium,” Mari Lending, Oslo School of Architecture and Design

“Railroads and the Transformation of Architectural Practice,” Paula Lupkin, University of North Texas

“Transatlantic Agents of Everyday Architecture in Algarve c. 1950,” Ricardo Agarez, University College London

Freestanding Chapels in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Seth Adam Hindin, University of California, Davis, Chair

“St. Michael in Rothenburg: A Directional Signifier of Resurrection,” Katherine Boivin, Université de Montréal

“Commune, Cathedral, Confraternity: The Misericordia in Florence,” Phillip Earenfight, Dickinson College

“Contested Histories: The Early Chapel of San Giobbe in Venice,” Janna Israel, Virginia Commonwealth University

“Speculum Principissae: Santini-Aichel’s Panenske Brezany Chapel,” Michael Young, University of Connecticut

The Politics of the Past in Modern Asian Architecture

Melia Belli, University of Texas at Arlington, Chair

“The Elephant and the Globe: The Aesthetic Legacy of B. R. Ambedkar,” Padma Maitland, University of California, Berkeley

“Nomadic Lenses: Asian Architecture in E. O. Hoppé’s Photography,” Sean Anderson, University of Sydney

“Vann Molyvann and the New Khmer Architecture: 1955–1970,” Mark Hinchman, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

“Taiwan’s Post-war Politics and the Making of Chung-shan Building,” Jung-Jen Tsai, University of Edinburgh

“Wabi-sabi and Ukiyo: Tradition in Post-war Japanese Architecture,” Neil Jackson, University of Liverpool

American Architecture

Andrew Dolkart, Columbia University, Chair

“The Client Shapes the Architect: F. L. Ames and H. H. Richardson,” Jay Wickersham, Harvard University, and Chris Milford, Milford and Ford Assoc., Wellesley, Massachusetts

“Building the Episcopal Church in New York State, 1785–1838,” Judith Hull, Emerson College

“The Work of Diagrams, from Factory to Hospital in Postwar America,” Joy Knoblauch, University of Michigan

“American Originals: Unitarians and Their Churches,” Ann Marie Borys, University of Washington, Seattle

“Lower East Side Siedlung,” Joanna Merwood-Salisbury, Parsons The New School for Design

Modes of Perception for Early Modern Architecture

Freek Schmidt, Vrije Universiteit, and Kimberley Skelton, Milford, Connecticut, Co-Chairs

“Antonio da Sangallo the Younger’s Perception of Roman Architecture,” Francesco Benelli, Columbia University

“Scrutinizing Architectural Allure in the Great Hall of the Stuttgart Lusthaus,” Elizabeth Petcu, Princeton University

“The Many Sides of Architecture,” Maria Elisa Navarro Morales, Dalhousie University

“Theory and Experience: Viewing Medieval Architecture in Early Modern England,” Olivia Horsfall Turner, English Heritage

“Mind versus Body in Eighteenth-Century Architectural Experience,” Sigrid de Jong, Leiden University

Plastics and Architecture: Materials, Construction, and Design

Samuel D. Gruber, Syracuse University, Chair

“Imagining Plastics,” Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Yale University

“Frank Lloyd Wright and Plastics: Opalescence, Translucence, Continuity,” Joseph Siry, Wesleyan University

“Material Experiments: Marcel Breuer’s Designs in Plastic,” Teresa Harris, Syracuse University

“The Outside, Inside: Polyethylene and Our Permeable Domestic,” Johnathan Puff, University of Michigan

The Racial Discourses of Architectural Historiography

Mabel O. Wilson, Columbia University, Chair

“The Reluctant Pluralism of Louis Sullivan’s ‘American Architecture,’ ” Charles Davis, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“Colorblind: Postwar Architecture, Liberalism, and Race,” Jennifer Hock, Washington, D.C.

“E. A. Freeman and the Racialisation of Architecture in 19th-Century Britain,” Alex Bremner, University of Edinburgh

“Architecture and Miscegenation in the Nineteenth Century,” Irene Cheng, Columbia University

Reevaluating Midcentury “Chaoticism”

Dale Allen Gyure, Lawrence Technological University, Chair

“Architectural ‘Form Giving’ in the 1950s,” Cammie McAtee, Harvard University

“The Pursuit of Intent: Robin Boyd and Architectural Criticism 1950–1965,” Philip Goad, University of Melbourne

“Shaping Catholic Liturgy in the Mid-Century Concrete Church,” Victoria Young, University of St. Thomas

“The United Nations Headquarters and the Tempering of the Environment,” Olga Touloumi, Harvard University

“From Open Work to Open Form: The XIII Triennale of Milan Dedicated to Leisure,” Federica Vannucchi, Princeton University

Single Rooms

Leslie Topp, University of London, Chair

“Hooke, Cells, and Early Modern English Architectural Biology,” Christine Stevenson, University of London

“The Communist Egosphere: One-Room Abode in the Russian 1920s,” Tijana Vujosevic, University of Western Australia, Perth

“Lord Chesterfield’s Boudoir: A Room without the Sulks,” Diana Cheng, Montreal, Canada

“Dressing Rooms,” Louisa Iarocci, University of Washington, Seattle

“Camera in Camera: Photographing the Room and Its View,” Hugh Campbell, University College Dublin

Architecture and Improvement in Antebellum America

Jhennifer A. Amundson, Judson University, Chair

“The Philadelphia Waterworks of 1801: Equilibrium as Improvement,” Catherine Bonier, University of Pennsylvania

“Boston Schools: Domesticizing Immigrants as Virtuous Republicans,” Rachel Remmel, University of Rochester

“The Astor Library: America’s First Public Library,” Jill Lord, New York, New York

“Improving Antebellum Austin: Asylums and the General Land Office,” Kenneth Hafertepe, Baylor University

Architecture and the Body: Science and Culture

Kim Sexton, University of Arkansas, Chair

“Architecture before the Body? Articulation and Proportion in Ancient Greece,” Lian Chang, Harvard University

“The Crafted Bodies of Suger: Reconsidering the Matter of St. Denis,” Jason Crow, McGill University

“Gothic Skins: Penitents at the Cathedral,” Laura Hollengreen, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Bodies and Embodiments from Antiquity to Alberti,” John Senseney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“Visceral Space: Dissection and Michelangelo’s Medici Chapel,” Chloe Costello, University of Arkansas

Conservation, Restoration, and Architectural History

Maggie Taft and Niall Atkinson, University of Chicago, Co-Chairs

“ ‘Restored Ancient Splendor’ and the Basilica of Constantine,” Gregor Kalas, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“This Will Save That: André Durand and the Provincial Battle for Patrimony,” Lauren M. O’Connell, Ithaca College

“Mathematics of Architectural Restoration in Soviet Central Asia,” Igor Demchenko, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Heritage Management in India: Local Practice versus Global Policy,” Susan Johnson-Roehr, Rutgers University

“End Times: Preserving Failed Space in Postindustrial Cities,” Dennis Maher, University at Buffalo, and Jeff Byles, Van Alen Institute

Diasporic Architecture and the Politics of National Identity

Duanfang Lu, University of Sydney, Chair

“Unmaking Architecture: Diasporic Displacements of Sri Lanka’s Civil War,” Anoma Pieris, University of Melbourne

“Walter Gropius, Diasporic Modernism and the U.S. State Department,” Greg Castillo, University of California, Berkeley

“Diaspora, Labor, and Nationalism in Early 20th-Century Thai Architecture,” Lawrence Chua, Hamilton College

“Constructing Enclaves: Residential Reservations in Colonial Hong Kong,” Cecilia Chu, University of California, Berkeley

“Little Saigon: Suburban Ethnic Landscapes of Exile and Memory,” Erica Allen-Kim, University of Toronto

International Expositions: Exhibiting “Déntente,” Exposing Tension

Alexander Ortenberg, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and Vladimir Paperny, Los Angeles, California, Co-Chairs

“Ten Years of Urban Debates Preceding the 1937 Paris Expo,” Danilo Udovički-Selb, University of Texas at Austin

“Staging Englishness: Visual Politics and the South Bank Exhibition,” Anthony Raynsford, San José State University

“Vjenceslav Richter: Representing Yugoslavia’s Maverick Socialism,” Vladimir Kulić, Florida Atlantic University

“ ‘Westernization in the Means, Hispanism in the Ends’: Franquismo and Expo ’58,” Maria González Pendás, Columbia University

“Technology and Representation: Architecture Culture at Expo ’58,” Rika Devos, Ghent University

Post-Modernism Revisited: The Presence of the Recent Past

Ole W. Fischer, University of Utah, Chair

“James Stirling’s New State Gallery and the Postwar German Art Museum,” Kathleen James-Chakraborty, University College Dublin

“Vittorio Giorgini and the Structure of the Singular,” José Aragüez, Princeton University

“AD Magazine and the Construction of Post-Modern Architectural History,” Steve Parnell, University of Nottingham

“Modernists’ Post-Modernism: Konrad Frey’s Zankel House near Geneva,” Anselm Wagner, Graz University of Technology

“The Architectural Installation: Diller and Scofidio, 1979–89,” Whitney Moon, University of California, Los Angeles

Open Session

Diane Ghirardo, University of Southern California, Chair

“Informal Architecture and Modernization in 20th-Century Berlin,” Florian Urban, Glasgow School of Art

“In the Hands of Politicians: Reinventing Rome in the Late 1800s,” Robin B. Williams, Savannah College of Art and Design

“Nicholas Hawksmoor and the Oxford ‘Forum Universitatis,’ ” Eleonora Pistis, Oxford University

“The Roudnice Monastery: Legitimacy through Form and Structure,” Alice Klima, Brown University

“The Star Villa in Prague and the Library of Bonifaz Wolmut,” Sarah Lynch, Princeton University

Graduate Student Lightning Talks

Michael P. McCulloch, University of Michigan, and Erica Morawski, University of Illinois at Chicago, Co-Chairs

Architecture for the People

“La Maison du Peuple: Rise of a New Building Type across Europe?” Hannes Pieters, Ghent University

“Christian Zionism and the Recession-Era Holy Land Experience (Orlando, Florida),” Whitten Overby, Cornell University

“Amusement, Morals, and Religion: Asbury Park and Ocean Grove,” Aris Damadian Lindemans, New Jersey Institute of Technology

“Wholesale Architecture in Southern Europe … Despite Architects,” Olga Moatsou, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Changes in the Agrarian Landscape

“The Electrified Farm at the 1939 New York World’s Fair,” Sarah Rovang, Brown University

“A Place for Our Landless Farmers,” Josi Ward, Cornell University

Infrastructure, Governance, and Urban Design

“American Railways and the Cultural Landscape of Immigration,” Catherine Boland, Rutgers University

“I. M. Pei, William Zeckendorf, and Urban Renewal Design,” Marci Muhlestein Clark, City University of New York

“The Built World Shaped by Infrastructure and Standards,” Matthew Heins, University of Michigan

“The San Francisco Freeway: Landscape, Hybridity and Revolt,” Margot Lystra, Cornell University

Rethinking the Canon

“Innovation on Precedent: The Architecture of James Renwick Jr.,” Nicholas Genau, University of Virginia

“What’s So Funny? The Architectural Joke,” Christina Gray, University of California, Los Angeles