There are a number of mistakes in JSAH 70.1 (March 2011).

In Alexander Ortenberg, “Joy in the Act of Drawing,” there are several typographical errors as well as these errors of substance:

pp. 40, 42: Louis Christian Mullgardt's name is variously misspelled.

p. 48, caption to Figure 11: the caption gives the building as unknown; the drawing, dated 3 May 1902, is for the Carrère and Hastings’ Blair and Co. Building, 24 Broad Street, New York, 1902–3. In addition, the caption gives the source as Pencil Points 5; it is from vol. 4.

p. 57, n. 8: the name of Julien Guadet is misspelled.

p. 57, n. 14: the name of William B. Faville is misspelled.

In Christopher Long's review of Maria Szadkowska et al., Adolf Loos and Jindřich Vybíral, Junge Meister, on p. 125, the first full sentence in the first paragraph should read, “… in the provinces, in Brno, Moravia. …” Joseph Maria Olbrich's first name is misspelled in the same paragraph.

The editors regret these mistakes.