In San Geminiano: “A Ruby among Many Pearls,” Kristin Love Huffman and Iara Dundas use a digital reconstruction to reconsider the sixteenth-century Venetian church of San Geminiano and its siting within Piazza San Marco. Demolished in 1807, the church was significant within its Venetian context, but its importance has largely been forgotten. Through their historical reconstruction, based on analyses of archival plans and elevations, illustrated representations, written descriptions and inscriptions, and theoretical treatises, Huffman and Dundas demonstrate the methodological processes of 3-D modeling and the interpretive value of the resulting models for the study of architectural and urban histories. In addition, their work on San Geminiano enables a reevaluation of this historically important yet now lost structure's architecture and its relationship to the space of Piazza San Marco—the political center, socioeconomic nexus, and ceremonial entry point of Venice.

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