Accounting for Mannerism in 20th-Century Architectural Culture

Andrew Leach, Griffith University, and Martino Stierli, Museum of Modern Art, Co-Chairs


“Ordering 1960s Architecture: C. Ray Smith's Supermannerism,” Timothy Rohan, University of Massachusetts

“Architectural History without Mannerism? The French Case,” Maarten Delbeke, Ghent University, Belgium

“Relocating Mannerism to Swedish Architecture in the 1970s,” Christina Pech, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

“Rowe's Mannerist Constitution,” Scott Colman, Rice University

“Mannerism Ever After,” Robert Somol, University of Illinois at Chicago


Architectural Reverie

Christy J. Anderson, University of Toronto, Canada, and David Karmon, College of the Holy Cross, Co-Chairs


“Meditations on the Empty Chair,” Jeffrey Ochsner, University of Washington

“Form Follow ‘Fiction:’ An Architect's...

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