Julia Gatley, University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Andrew Leach, Griffith University, Australia, Co-chairs

“Chicago Architecture on the Pacific Rim, 1900–1925,” James Weirick, University of New South Wales, Australia

“Crossroad of Cultures: Pacific Basin Influence in Seattle,” Jeffrey Ochsner, University of Washington

“Importing Expertise: Australian-US Architects and the Large-Scale,” Philip Goad, University of Melbourne, Australia

“Architecture in Samoa: Imagery or Principles of the Pacific?,” Christoph Schnoor, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand

John Pinto, Princeton University, and Daniel McReynolds, Princeton University, Co-chairs

“Ornament and the Language of Architecture in the Wake of the Querelle,” Maarten Delbeke, Ghent University, Belgium

“Ancient and Modern licentia,” Eleonora Pistis, Oxford University, UK

“Echotecture, Ancient and Modern,” Carolyn Yerkes,...

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