James O'Gorman, Wellesley College, and Gary Van Zante, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Co-Chairs

"Reading the Sketchbook of J.N.B. de Pouilly: Imagining Antebellum New Orleans," Kate Holliday, University of Texas, Arlington

"National and Local Vernaculars and Ethnic Identity in New Orleans," Kenneth Hafertepe, Baylor University

"Sex on the Street: How Storyville Transformed Basin Street through Sex, Architecture, and Legislation," Kelly Bressler, Savannah College of Art and Design

John Archer, University of Minnesota, Chair

"Ugly Thoughts: Brutalism and the Artifice of Experience," Timothy Hyde, Harvard University

"The Occupation of Site 30: Contesting New York's Upper West Side," Jennifer Hock, Middlebury College

"Forensic Architecture in Human Rights Advocacy," Andrew Herscher, University of Michigan

"'The Grand Ensemble': Housing Spaces of Exception," Sherry McKay, University of British Columbia

"Architecture and Public Assassination in The Parallax View," Merrill Schleier, University of the Pacific

Laura Hollengreen, Georgia...

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