In the first half of the 13th century the Frankish princes of the Morea built a Gothic cathedral at Andravida, Elis, Greece. The Frankish period of dominance of the Peloponnesus lasted from 1204 to 1430. It is the least studied of any period of the history of the region. Very little exact information exists about Frankish architectural procedures. Consequently, very few indications exist to help with the identification and the dating of many of the ruins scattered throughout the Peloponnesus. The east end of the Cathedral of Haghia Sophia still stands. It consists of a sanctuary flanked by two chapels covered by rib vaults. The Greek Byzantine Ephoreia granted a permit to the Minnesota-Andravida Project to examine the Cathedral. In 1983, the Project set itself the task of establishing Frankish construction techniques of the first half of the 13th century by determining the condition and the history of the existing fabric of the Cathedral by archaeological means and by art historical analyses.

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