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Current Issue
Volume 79,
Issue 4
December 2020
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Keith Eggener
SAH Asian American and Diasporic Architectural History Affiliate Group, Race and Architectural History Affiliate Group et al.
Officers of the Society of Architectural Historians

About the Journal

Published since 1941, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians is a leading English-language journal on the history of the built environment. Each issue offers four to five scholarly articles on topics from all periods of history and all parts of the world, reviews of recent books, exhibitions, films, and other media, as well as a variety of editorials and opinion pieces designed to place the discipline of architectural history within a larger intellectual context.

ISSN: 0037-9808         eISSN: 2150-5926

Frequency: March, June, September, December

Editor: Keith Eggener

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