Published each issue, this section strives to capture the tenor and content of popular conversations related to the Palestinians and the Arab-Israeli conflict, which are held on dynamic platforms unbound by traditional media. Therefore, items presented in this section are from a variety of sources and have been selected because they either have gone viral or represent a significant cultural moment or trend. A version of Palestine Unbound is also published on Palestine Square (, a blog of the Institute for Palestine Studies. Stories from this quarter (16 November 2018–15 February 2019) include the induction of the first Palestinian woman, Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), into U.S. congress; the steep public censure of a second Muslim congresswoman, Ilahn Omar (D-MN), for her criticism of the influence the pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affiars Committee (AIPAC) has over U.S. politics; and the firing of professor/activist Marc Lamont Hill for his pro-Palestinian speech at UN headquarters. Trending hastags this quarter are #TweetYourThobe, #StandWithIlhan, and #IStandWithMLH.

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