In summer 2010, UNRWA and the American University of Beirut conducted the first socioeconomic survey in at least a decade of a representative sample of Palestinian refugee households in Lebanon. The purpose of the study was to provide reliable information and the current level of poverty and its determinants to help the agency better direct its funding and monitor the success of its programs in the future. The survey collection and analysis, funded by the EU, was overseen by Jad Chaaban, Hala Ghattas, Rima Habib, Sari Hanafi, Nadine Sahyoun, Nisreen Salti, Karin Seyfert, and Nadia Naamani. The final report, the executive summary of which is reproduced below, describes the living conditions and welfare status of Palestine refugees in Lebanon. The phrases in boldface were in the original. The full report is available online at

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