The fifty-six-page report, a summary of a book by the same name, presents the findings of ““a systematic assessment of the current state of world Jewish affairs”” carried out by a team of seventeen experts headed by Professor Sergio DellaPergola of Hebrew University. The study was commissioned by the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI), a think tank established in February 2002 by the Jewish Agency for Israel; former U.S. Middle East envoy Dennis Ross is the chairman of the JPPPI's board. According to the Jewish weekly Forward (30 July), the report was presented to Prime Minister Sharon and his cabinet on 27 June and debated there, with the prime minister promising to set up a task force to implement its recommendations. A recurring theme throughout the report is the need for greater coordination among Diaspora groups as well as between Israel and the Diaspora, with more weight given to the latter in Israeli policy formation. The report is divided into three sections: a comprehensive evaluation of internal and external trends affecting the Jewish people in the present and near future; a survey of Jewish communities on a country-by-country basis; and ““Recommendations for a Strategic Agenda.”” The full report is available online at

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