“[…] From the players’ deepening chemistry, transcendent songs materialized—not unlike the bonds that once inspired the Dungeon Family from which OutKast emerged in early-90s Atlanta. And though its meandering and meditative (though often hysterically titled) compositions exist in the tradition of Alice Coltrane, Laraaji, and Yusef Lateef more than anything conceivably Hip-Hop-adjacent, they’re animated by a similar spirit to that which made OutKast’s music stand apart: a dauntless dedication to one’s own vision, alongside a belief in the power of creative communion. In that sense, it’s the André 3000 album we’d been waiting for all along.”

— Album Description for the Release of New Blue Son by Andre 3000 (Apple Music)

1520 Sedgwick Avenue. At the time, it was called it the “Rec Room.” Today, most call it the birth certificate of Hip Hop. On August 11, 1973, DJ Kool Herc took over a house party in the Bronx and...

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