Anjeline De Dios is a cultural geographer and vocal performer who creates and studies emergent spaces of sound, healing, and change. She previously worked in academia as a university professor of cultural studies, and in systems-led innovation as a strategic researcher. Currently, she is an independent researcher, performing artist, meditation and systems-change facilitator, and consulting divination practitioner.

Wendy Fonarow, Ph.D., is a Los Angeles based anthropologist specializing in live music, performance, and ritual. She is a Chair of the Anthropology Department at Glendale College. She is author of Empire of Dirt: The Aesthetics and Rituals of British Indie Music (Wesleyan). She has been a contributor to The Guardian and other media publications.

Justin Gardner is an Associate Professor in Psychology at Stanford, where he heads the Gardner lab. He and his team use a combination of functional magnetic resonance imaging, computational modeling...

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