Hello, my name is Pil Ho Kim. I’m an assistant professor of Korean Studies at the Ohio State University. Along with my co-author Wonseok Lee, who is a Ph.D. student in ethnomusicology at the Ohio State, we wrote an article, entitled “Industrial Hip Hop Against Hip Hop Industry: The Critical Noise of XXX.” Let me start off by introducing the duo. There is a rapper, named Kim Ximya. The other one his partner is a beat maker, deejay, producer, FRNK.

The sensational hip hop duo XXX have made their name by openly taunting South Korea’s national hip hop scene, colloquially known as gukhip, through their lyrics and by appealing directly to the global underground hip hop audience through their sound.

In this presentation, we will analyze the unsettling yet compelling sonic features of XXX’s records, Kyomi in 2016, Language in 2018, and Second language in 2019. At the same...

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