“You are a liar…and a slut.” And I said, “I swear to you that I was having a snowball fight.” And she didn’t believe me. She never believed me. It was as though I was a disease. I have a brother that's ten years older than I am and a sister that's eight years…older than I am. So that I was obviously an accident. And it was, “Ganja, I came down with Ganja,” you know? And I think that day, I decided that I was a disease. And I was gonna give her a full case of it. That whatever it was that I was, she was gonna have it. Maybe because she hurt me so badly. All that time up till then, I really worked for her to say, “I love you.”

– Ganja, Ganja & Hess (1973)

In a COVID summertime, daylight and night bleed together. My theater...

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