This Field Notes offering has its origins in a 2010 blog post on Junebug vs. Hurricane on the Butch Throat, that, having lived the strange half-life of the internet, has been revived and enlivened as a Roundtable topic at the April 2018 Pop Conference. At the suggestion of the editors of JPMS, these contributions from the event now appear in print with revisions made after conversations with and among the panelists and other conference attendees.

“The Butch Throat” 2018 Roundtable is offered in unashamed appreciation for Wayne Koestenbaum’s now classic 1993 study of opera culture and voice training, The Queen’s Throat, a book so full of insight and lore on singing, voice, gender, and sexuality that its singular boldness has nearly smothered its critical echoes. Perhaps too easily dismissed because of its high-culture object—opera—and its campy obsessions of a stereotypical gay male fan, The Queen’s Throat is...

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