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Platform Migration

LIBRARIAN ADMINISTRATORS: For access to administrative tools on the new platform, including usage reporting and tools for federated sign-on (including SUSHI), please use this webform to register your account.

About usage reporting

The platform migration has caused some disruption to usage reporting.

No historic usage data was migrated to the new platform; only usage recorded on the new platform (beginning in August 2020) is accessible through the new admin tool.

For the months of May, June and July 2020, all content was freely accessible and no usage is linkable to any specific subscriber account.

For periods up through April 2020, we may be able to provide historic usage data from our Redlink Publisher Dashboard (please note these reports are not in a COUNTER format). If you would like us to run these historic reports for you please email us with your account details and the specific time period you are looking for.

Additionally, while UC Press's dedicated admin portal on the old platform has been disabled, many subscribers have reported that they are still able to run historic usage reports (up through April 2020) for the old platform using Highwire's cross-publisher Librarian Portal.

About the platform migration

Between May and September 2020, UC Press migrated all subscription journals content and library admin tools to a new hosting platform powered by Silverchair, with our remaining open-access journals migrating over the fall 2020 period.

We have made several efforts to help make this transition as seamless as possible for our subscribers, including:

  • Through early September, 2020 all UC Press journals content was freely accessible to all readers.
  • Beginning on May 5, 2020 we automatically redirected all journal and article links from our previous platform to the new journal sites.
  • We have actively worked with Web-scale discovery services and link resolvers including EBSCO, OCLC, ProQuest (SFX, Ex Libris), and Google Scholar to make sure that library OPACs seamlessly resolve patron access to UC Press journal content on the new platform (if UC Press's journal sites are not resolving for you, please check that your discovery service proxy stanza is up to date).

If you need additional assistance navigating UC Press’s platform migration, please don’t hesitate to contact UC Press customer service

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