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Making an Impact with Your Research

Welcome to University of California Press. As one of the most forward-thinking scholarly publishers in the world, UC Press is proud to publish journals of the highest quality research from the brightest minds. Whether you are a first time or returning UC Press author, we are thrilled to partner with you and our journal editors to publish your important research.

As your publishing partner, we want to work collaboratively to help your article achieve the greatest reach and impact as possible. Becoming a published author is news worth sharing, and no doubt you have prominent, significant, and influential networks of people who are interested in your work. We hope you will consider the following author resources as we work together to promote and support your research.

Before Your Article is Published

Sign up for the Journal's eTOC Alert

After you sign up, you will receive an email notification when new journal content is available online. Find your journal’s website and corresponding eTOC alert.

After Your Article is Published

Share on Social Media

Once your article is published on the journal’s website, you can share the link on your personal and professional social media platforms. Start with channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., but don’t forget to update professional pages on sites like LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Mendeley, and CiteULike. You can also ask friends and colleagues to share your article on their channels as well.

Post on Your Blog or Website

If you have a blog or website, write a brief summary of your research in plain language (describing notable discoveries or outcomes) and include a link to your article. In doing so, your article will be more discoverable to other researchers, readers, and media outlets to find. If you don’t have a blog, you could ask a friend or colleague to post your summary and article link on theirs.

Post to Listservs and Discussion Boards

Share your article on discipline-specific listservs and discussion boards where colleagues in your field can benefit from research that is most relevant to them.

Talk to Your Institution's Public Relations Team

Get in touch with your institution’s public relations or publicity team to see if they are interested in publicizing your research to their networks. Make sure they include a link to your article in any promotions!

Include in Your Email Signature

Your professional correspondence likely involves others for whom your research is relevant and related, so linking your article in your email signature makes it more readily accessible within your network.

Share with Your Colleagues and Department

The colleagues in your department are no doubt aware of your areas of interest and expertise. Send them a brief message that the journal’s latest issue, which includes your article, is now available.

Update Your Department Profile Page

Adding a link to your article in your department profile page on your university’s website is an easy way to build a more complete picture of your professional expertise and accomplishments.

Add to Your Course Reading List

Since your research interests likely coincide with your teaching courses, adding the article to your syllabus benefits both you and your students, facilitating even more engagement with your research.

Talk to Your Librarian

Last but certainly not least, tell your university librarian about your recently published article. Check if your institution has a subscription to the journal you published in and, if not, request that they become a subscriber.

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