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Current Issue
Volume 2,
Issue 3-4
Fall-Winter 2020
Recently Published
Rachel Singer
The Black Death in the Maghreb is severely understudied. There is little scholarship on the Maghrebi experience of the second pandemic in general. That which exists bases its conclusions on Al-Andalusi and Middle Eastern sources and does not ...
Travis Bruce
The medieval Mediterranean has emerged in recent years as a laboratory for studying intercultural relations. Historians have moved away for the most part from the binary oppositions that so often served as the analytical context for communications ...
Rebecca Ruth Gould, Kayvan Tahmasebian
This essay traces the conception of love and desire ( ʿishq ) in a Persian verse romance by the Indo-Persian poet Ḥasan Dihlavī, known as ʿIshqnāma (composed in 1301). ʿIshqnāma narrates a tragic and unconsummated love affair between a young Hindu ...

About the Journal

Journal of Medieval Worlds serves as a forum for multidisciplinary scholarship on the world, focusing primarily on 750-1600. The journal’s purpose is to foster innovative research and approaches to pedagogy by publishing peer-reviewed research articles of broad interest that explore interconnections across regions or build meaningful comparisons across cultures

eISSN: 2574-3988

Publication of Journal of Medieval Worlds was suspended in 2021. 

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