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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 39,
Issue 4
Fall 2022

About the Journal

The Journal of Musicology (JM) is a refereed, international quarterly journal devoted to exemplary scholarship across the spectrum of music studies. As a leading disciplinary forum founded in 1981 by Marian Green, JM reflects the breadth of musicology today and helps to shape the future trajectory of cross-disciplinary humanistic inquiry. Through its long-standing tradition of publishing the most exciting work by younger scholars alongside the contributions of senior scholars, JM continues to expand the perimeters of musicology in a spirit of openness, diversity, and academic excellence.

ISSN: 0277-9269         eISSN: 1533-8347

Published Quarterly – January, April, July, October

Editors: Andrew Hicks, Cornell University and Elaine Kelly, University of Edinburgh


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