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Current Issue
Volume 39,
Issue 2
Spring 2022
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Mary Channen Caldwell
Latin conducti do not typically come to mind when considering the medieval practice of French refrain citation; intertextual refrains were conventionally interpolated into French songs, narratives, and the upper voices of motets. Yet three conducti ...
David E. Cohen
In 1607 Claudio Monteverdi’s younger brother, Giulio Cesare, published his Dichiaratione , arguably the most significant document of the famous and influential polemic known as the Artusi-Monteverdi controversy. He there attempted to rebut Giovanni ...
James Grier
While almost everyone agrees that the Beatles set the bar for the concept album, many would argue about possible precursors, rivals, and imitators. Two releases frame the Beatles’ two most important albums: the Byrds’ Fifth Dimension appeared on ...
Nicole Vilkner
Postal horns have been associated traditionally with bucolic topics in music. From Mozart to Mahler, the instrument appears in orchestral textures and songs to signify nostalgia for preindustrial rural life. The history of the coach horn, originally ...
Martin Nedbal
This article traces the previously overlooked transmission of a German Singspiel adaptation of Mozart’s Don Giovanni in central Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Titled Don Juan, oder Die redende Statue , the adaptation ...

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The Journal of Musicology (JM) is a refereed, international quarterly journal devoted to exemplary scholarship across the spectrum of music studies. As a leading disciplinary forum founded in 1981 by Marian Green, JM reflects the breadth of musicology today and helps to shape the future trajectory of cross-disciplinary humanistic inquiry. Through its long-standing tradition of publishing the most exciting work by younger scholars alongside the contributions of senior scholars, JM continues to expand the perimeters of musicology in a spirit of openness, diversity, and academic excellence.

ISSN: 0277-9269         eISSN: 1533-8347

Published Quarterly – January, April, July, October

Editors: Andrew Hicks, Cornell University and Elaine Kelly, University of Edinburgh

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